Environmental and Rural History Workshop - series 1

In cooperation with the Centre for Urban History

Workshop A: Food Governance (16 December 2022)

Workshop A: Food Governance

16 December 2022 - 14h00-17h00
Brantijser S.SJ. 214 (Sint-Jacobsmarkt 13, 2000 Antwerpen)

In this workshop, four researchers will present their exciting research on food provisioning in the past, discussing aspects such as the market, the guilds, the politics etc.

With presentations by:

  1. dr. Stef Espeel (University of Antwerp)
  2. Robin Rose Southard (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
  3. Cécile Bruyet (University of Antwerp)
  4. Dennis De Vriese (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

As guest commentator, we welcome specialist prof. dr. Alexis Wilkin (Université Libre Bruxelles).

Workshop B: Variations of Agrarian Capitalism (13 January 2023)

Workshop B: Variations of Agrarian Capitalism

13 January 2023 - 14h00-17h00 - Brantijser S.SJ. 214   

In the second ENVIRHUS-workshop, the central theme will be agrarian capitalism. We again welcome several researchers, who will present their fascinating research on this theme, talking about land management, leaseholds, landlords and more!

With presentations by:

  1. Bram Hilkens (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  2. Arnoud Jensen (University of Antwerp)
  3. Sieben Feys (University of Ghent)
  4. Reinder Klinkhamer (University of Ghent)

Workshop C: The Natural World (17 February 2023)

Workshop C: The Natural World

17 February 2023 - 14h00-17h00 - Brantijser S.SJ. 115 

It's all about nature in the third ENVIRHUS-workshop! With four presentations by researches, we dive into current exhilarating research on the management of fauna and flora in the past. 

With presentations by:

  1. Lena Walschap (KULeuven / University of Antwerp)
  2. dr. Jim van der Meulen (University of Ghent)
  3. prof. dr. Thijs Lambrecht (University of Ghent)
  4. prof. dr. Petra J.E.M. van Dam (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

This workshop is free to attend to all interested. To make sure we have enough coffee and tea, please register through the link below.