National annual meeting - mini-conference 30 November 2017

Thursday afternoon, 30 November 2017 - This year's host is the AP Hogeschool Antwerpen

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend this mini-conference. Don’t hesitate to invite any colleagues who may be interested, so they can get to know EUPRIO too. The EUPRIO meetings are a fun way of getting in touch and sharing experiences with colleagues from all over Flanders and Wallonia.


  • Keynote speech
    Paul Helbing, Director Communications at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam), 
    “10 steps to link internal and external target groups with your corporate profile.
    A shift from a crossmedia to a transmedia approach and how it successfully connects internal and external target groups around the story of the university."
  • Lecture 1
    Etienne Gonsette, associate Professor in the Master Degree at ISFSC / USL-B : Interactive and Collaborative Information Strategy
    “Educational communication : from digital communication strategies to strategies in a digital communication world: the need of transversal and omni-channel strategies.”
  • Lecture 2
    Jan Dries, Director of Communications, University of Antwerp
    Higher Education Institutions and the City: co-creation.
    The university of Antwerp and many university colleges bear the city name in their logo. That comes with great responsibilities, from both sides. The city of Antwerp has centred it’s city marketing around four B’s: Brains, Business, Bevolking (inhabitants) and Bezoekers (visitors). This works well for positioning higher education in the city. The university in turn uses the city as it’s laboratory. From shared campaigning to shared marketing, from developing smart city concepts to citizen science projects and from partying Erasmus students to a party with the elderly of the neighbourhood. Through numerous cases Jan Dries shows what a close collaboration in communication between city and university can achieve for the wellbeing of the people in the city.”

The keynote speech and the lectures are in English. 


12.00         Registration and sandwich lunch (pre-booking required)          
13.00         Keynote speech          
14.15         Coffee break           
14.45         Lecture 1
15.45         Lecture 2
16.30         Networking drink (pre-booking required)


AP Hogeschool Antwerpen
Campus Spoor Noord
Noorderplaats 2
2000 Antwerpen

  • aula 00.037
  • meeting space 00.041 (lunch and reception)

Access to the campus - All participants will receive a detailed map.


The annual meeting is free of charge. However, we ask you to register. 

Do not hesitate to invite your colleagues who may be interested, so they get to know EUPRIO too! 

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