Belgian Annual Meeting - mini-conference on 22 January 2019

Tuesday afternoon, 22 January 2019 - This year's host is ULiège

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend this mini-conference. Don’t hesitate to invite any colleagues who may be interested, so they can get to know EUPRIO too. The EUPRIO meetings are a fun way of getting in touch and sharing experiences with colleagues from all over Flanders and Wallonia.


ULiège, room « Salle des professeurs » (first floor of the main building), Place du 20 Août - 4000 Liège.

Access and parking


  • 12:00      sandwich lunch (optional)
  • 13:00      welcome by Jan Dries and Emilie Flament
  • 13:15      "How to empower your marketing with gamification", by Dominique Mantgiatordi, CEO of ØPP

    You’ve probably come across the term “gamification”, but do you really know what it means? Gamification can benefit your marketing strategy in many ways. It’s way more than “just integrating game mechanics” into a website or an app. It is a way to use gaming techniques to create engagement. Gamification is a process where you take the essence of what makes games so “fascinating and irresistible” and integrate them into non-game experiences. 
    When doing this, you add elements to your site or app like: rewards, challenges and much more. This will trigger a sense of achievement and make use of the competitive nature in people, encouraging them to use the app/website/service even more, because they’ll enjoy it. This presentation will give you the right clues on how to use it in your daily communication. 

  • 14:30      break
  • 14:55      "Student Experience, a challenging but necessary strategy", by David de Block, co-founder of Internet Architects, senior UX strategist

    Young consumers are more critical, impatient and they expect more. They communicate differently, they could swipe before they started talking and they grew up with social media. They have less confidence in the established brands and they decide more and more based on what they have heard from friends, peers and "influencers" on social media.
    These changes force companies to make "Customer Experience" a top priority. By putting the customer first and making their lives easier, they deserve trust, loyalty and reputation. The companies that excel in it, do significantly better than their competitors.
    "Student Experience" will also become increasingly important for universities in order to retain and attract students. This requires drastic change in approach. One that does not start from the organization but from the student. One that is based on facts, inclusiveness and agility.

  • 16:15      drink (optional)