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The  ​World Cancer Report Updates Webinar Series presents multidisciplinary online talks on different highlights from World Cancer Report.
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World Immunization Week VSN - 2020

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International HPV Awareness Day - March 4

On this International HPV Awareness Day we are very happy to be able to share all the materials of our recent meeting in Colombia. 


32e International Papillomavirus Conference

Towards global control of HPV disease

October 2-6, 2018
Sydney, Australia

HPV Prevention and Control Board endorses EUROGIN 2016 attendee's message to reinstate HPV vaccination in Japan

"We strongly support the immediate reinstitution of HPV vaccination in Japan”

On Aug 29th, 2016, Prof. Ryo Konno together with Prof. Fumimaro Takaku (President of the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences) and Prof. Katsuyuki Kinoshita (President of Japan Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) submitted a letter with signatures of 341 researchers from all over the world to Director-General of Health Service Bureau, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), Japan.

The letter expresses the concern that the current lack of policy commitment in Japan towards HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening challenges the long-term health benefit for Japanese women and girls.

The HPV vaccination coverage rate dropped from 70% to less than 5% in 2013 and the cervical cancer screening coverage rate is 35%. However, fast reinstitution of HPV vaccination and catch up vaccination for girls who haven’t been vaccinated since 2013, can restore the vaccination gap. Signatories therefore urge the Japanese health authorities to immediately resume the vaccination programme.


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