Executive secretariat

The executive secretariat of the HPV prevention and control Board has its seat at VAXINFECTIO, Centre for the Evaluation of Vaccination at the University of Antwerpen, Belgium.  Team members are:

Prof. Dr. Pierre Van Damme, pierre.vandamme@uantwerpen.be
Mrs Greet Hendrickx, greet.hendrickx@uantwerpen.be
Mrs Brenda Janssens, brenda.janssens@uantwerpen.be
Mrs. Ina Lodewyckx, ina.lodewyckx@uantwerpen.be
Miss. Xenia Mikulla, xenia.mikulla@uantwerpen.be
Mr Alex Vorsters, alex.vorsters@uantwerpen.be

Last update

Last update: 04/12/2017