The link underneath shows some results of the General Practitioner Cooperatives that  share data with us.

The population is about 1.000.000 people (citizens of Flanders)

Results are mentioned in Dutch.

If you wish to have more information, please contact us on icaredata@uantwerpen.be



Improving Care And Research Electronic Data Trust Antwerp (iCAREdata) : a research database of linked data on out-of-hours primary care

Colliers Annelies, Bartholomeeusen Stephaan, Remmen Roy, Coenen Samuel, Michiels Barbara, Bastiaens Hilde, Van Royen Paul, Verhoeven Veronique, Holmgren Philip, De Ruyck Bernard, Philips Hilde

Bartholomeeusen Stephaan, Philips Hilde, Van Royen Paul, Remmen Roy, Coenen Samuel. iCAREdata: Improving Care And Research Electronic Data Trust Antwerp. Zenodo; 2017. DOI 10.5281/zenodo.823697.