ITN 2019 Coordinator's Info Day

  • Date: November 22, 2019
  • Location: DE GASPERI room, Charlemagne Building, European Commission, Brussels

The INSPIRE coordination team took part in the ITN 2019 Coordinators’ Info Day, which was organised by the Research Executive Agency (REA) and held in Brussels on November 22. The session featured presentations on how to implement the MSCA ITN projects and offered the coordinators the possibility to pose questions to the REA officers. Requirements were given as regards recruitment, financial management and reporting provisions, as well as horizontal aspects covering Ethics, IPR and Open Access. Furthermore, during this event, the INSPIRE team had the opportunity to meet the REA Project Officer, Mrs. Paula Hokkanen, who provided our team with valuable information to ensure sound management of INSPIRE.


The slides of the presentations given in the event are available through following link: