Lynn Anthonissen

I am a PhD student on Mind-bending grammars, investigating the cognitive and social mechanisms underlying the increasing productivity of English special passives (prepositional, recipient, subject-to-subject raising). My research interests include cognitive, constructionist and usage-based approaches to language, language change and second language acquisition; corpus linguistics; constructions in English, German and Dutch.

I hold an MA in English and German Linguistics and Literature (2012) and a teaching degree (2013) from the University of Antwerp. In 2010-2011 I studied abroad at the Free University of Berlin. Before embarking on my PhD research, I lectured in English and German at HUB-KAHO university college, worked as a language trainer, and was a research assistant at the Institute of Education and Information Sciences at the University of Antwerp. Between 2014-2015 I was involved in a research project on modal constructions in German, for which I was awarded a one-year research grant by the UAntwerp Research Council. The project included a research stay at the Hermann Paul School of Linguistics (University of Freiburg).