WP4. From exposure to individual: Dynamics of external and internal chemical speciation

  • Objective: To establish mechanistic links between dynamic chemical exposure conditions and effects at the level of the individual
  • Lead beneficiary: University of Antwerp

WP5. From individual to community

  • Objective: To develop mechanistic models to link adverse effects on individuals to those on populations and communities
  • Lead beneficiary: Stichting Radboud Universiteit

WP6. Individual effect-directed modelling

  • Objective:  To elucidate the predictive capabilities of effect-directed TKTD and DEB-based models to extrapolate from effects at the in-vitro level to the population level
  • Lead beneficiary: University of Copenhagen

WP7. Model validation and climate change scenarios

  • Objective: To identify the best predictors of adverse effects at the population and ecosystem level and the interactive effects of temperature as an additional stressor in the context of climate change scenarios
  • Lead beneficiary: Wageningen University