Annual Training

  • Workshops, 1 day, linked to project meetings, in response to identified scientific, technical and transferable skills training needs. (For QTOX DCs only)


  1. Pesticide research and risk assessment, 3 days. (QTOX DCs only)


  1. Risk assessment1-5 April 2024 | Online
  2. Ecotoxicology, 8-12 April 2024 | Wageningen
  3. Speciation and bioavailability17-21 June 2024 | Antwerp (Open to externals)
  4. An introduction to individual-based population modelling for ecotoxicological applications, 23 November 2024 | Copenhagen (QTOX DCs only)
  5. Dynamic modelling of toxic effects 17-22 November 2024 | Copenhagen (Open to externals)
  6. Laboratory course on principles and applications of in-vitro bioassays, 1 week | virtual (QTOX DCs only)


  1. Mid-way conference, 3 days. (For all QTOX participants, plus selected external invitees, e.g. guest speakers from range of sectors).
  2. DC conference, organised by the DCs, for exchange of ideas, 2 days. (For QTOX DCs plus selected external invitees, e.g. 2 keynote speakers, chosen by the DCs).


  • Final open conference for all QTOX participants, external scientists, and stakeholders from industry, policy makers, and regulators, 3 days. (D2.8)