Reuse Lab

Transition to re-use

The transition to a sustainable economy is forcing us to rethink our habits of disposable products. Many items we use are single-use or only last a very short time. Of course, those products didn't just happen. Which also means  we don't step away from them so easily.

REuse Lab offers a methodical approach to manage the transition to reuse and longevity of products.

That transition can only be successful on condition that;

  • a high-quality and safe alternative product exist
  • the context is created in which users want to continue using the reusable produc
  • the right partnerships are created to close the re-use chain
  • the whole thing is also commercially and economically viable.

REuse Lab, led by Professor Els Du Bois, assists companies in their quest for reuse and longevity. Our working method covers all four aspects; the product, the context of use, the chain and the financial consequences. We work in very diverse sectors and with a multidisciplinary academic team.