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The University of Antwerp aims to awaken your interest in science and introduce you to its impact on our lives, a mission which involves all of our scientists. The university organises a whole range of lectures, workshops, debates, demos, publications and so on for a wide audience.

Spectrum – Lectures, encounters, debates

Spectrum runs a range of lectures for people of all ages, with the motto "science, education and culture go hand in hand". The programme features afternoon lectures (given by University of Antwerp and university college lecturers and alumni), as well as 'science encounters' and visits to the university.
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Science Day

Researchers in Antwerp and throughout Flanders invite people of all ages to attend workshops, lectures, demos, experiments and panel discussions, to take guided tours and to participate in hands-on activities. Everyone is welcome to experiment, investigate, try things out and ask questions. Science Day will help you discover science where you least expect it and see how it influences your life on a daily basis.
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Do you have a question? Then you have come to the right place! Here you can ask (almost) any question about science, history, language, politics and much more. Can't find an answer in the archive? Then put your question to a scientist! You will receive a personal answer from a knowledgeable researcher. is a project run by 40 Belgian research institutions, universities and university colleges, including the University of Antwerp.
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Cancer: insights and outlook

This illustrated lecture tackles several aspects of cancer and explains them in a straightforward way. The presentation is designed for anyone who wishes to find out more about cancer, tumours, growth, treatment, outlook and so on. (aged 16+)
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Kekulé lecture cycle

The Kekulé cycles includes lectures of a broad, visionary, scientific nature which focus on scientific research, innovation and creativity. The cycle aims to confront participants with our increasingly complex society and with an industrial world which is having to reconcile profitability with social accountability.
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Studium Generale – ‘Science and Society’ lecture cycle

Every autumn, the University of Antwerp organises eight free lectures on current social developments. Each evening starts with a one-hour lecture, which is followed by a Q&A round and a moderated debate among guest speakers and the audience. Participation is free and everyone is welcome to attend.
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Expeditie België - a book that offers insights into Belgium's political disputes and issues

The book explains the principles on which the Belgian state is founded and the institutions that govern it. What is a democracy, rule of law, federal state, confederation? What is the role of the political parties, parliaments and governments? How are elections organised and what is the Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde electoral district? What is the Constitutional Court (which deems this district unconstitutional)? How democratic is a referendum and why do we have a monarchy?
The book is published by Die Keure and costs €18.


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