FACSUA anticipates providing three types of offerings for flow cytometry analysis and for cell sorting, detailed below. Additional intellectual advice can be requested on a fee-for-service base. Packages will be evaluated on a regular basis and can be renewed, or new packages can be offered based on customer needs.  



Our primary offer consists of providing access to state-of-the-art flow cytometry and sorter instruments including highly trained staff for sample acquisition and sorting, to all current and prospective users, with the assistance of a FACSUA core operator.  

A typical set of assays that are supported is provided as a non-exclusive list below. An up-to-date overview of available services will be made annually and disseminated through the FACSUA website. For frequently asked assays, we will organize webinars that can be recorded and stored in our FACSUA repository for future training purposes.  

Examples of specialized flow cytometry assays offered by FACSUA 

  • Multiparametric immunophenotyping and rare event detection

  • TCR repertoire

  • Signal transduction (Phosflow) 

  • Calcium flux  

  • Cell cycle 

  • DNA/RNA content 

  • Cell proliferation 

  • Cell death 

  • mRNA and microRNA detection

  • Exosome and microvesicle detection 

  • Fluorescent in situ hybridization (Flow-FISH) to quantify telomere length 

  • Mitochondria and cellular membrane potential alterations 

  • Flow-based cell sorting for isolation of populations of interest at high purity for further analysis (e.g. for functional analysis, for development of clones, for sequencing purposes) 


OFFER 2: FACS-Self-operated - DIY FACSUA Package 

The second offer consists of a FACSUA training program for Beginner Flow Cytometry users foreseeing access to state-of-the-art equipment following successful completion of the course. This training will include an introduction to basic cytometry related to our instruments and how it works. The topics covered are as follows: 

  1. A brief introduction to the flow cytometer 
  2. How to develop a multi-colour panel 
  3. Compensation 
  4. Maintenance and safety  

A greater understanding of the instrument will lead to improved experimental design and data. The training will introduce new users to the hardware and software of our instruments. This training will allow the customer to operate the instrument(s) where she/he is trained to “self-operate” sample acquisition. As a recommendation after the training, the user will plan and perform their next experiment with the assistance of a FACSUA core operator. Upon request, advanced training sessions can be offered to more experienced researchers, including in depth technical aspects of the instruments. During business hours, on-site/remote technical assistance will be available. 


OFFER 3: FACS-Customized - Premium FACSUA Package 

FACSUA strives to meet researchers’ specific needs by providing dedicated help with experimental design, enabling the highest possible resolution in terms of analysis and product. For this, our third offering aims to provide competent scientific and technical assistance for FACS and flow cytometric analysis. We assist with experiment and panel design, data analysis, and provide (advice on) sample preparation. The latter is guaranteed by providing access to our cell culture lab. This allows sample preparatory work for flow cytometric experimentation including sample collection, processing and/or cell culture. In addition, we offer development of novel flow cytometric techniques to meet FACSUA users’ scientific needs. 


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