Highlights & Awards

May 2024 - Karolien was awarded the Luigi Galvani Prize of the Bioelectrochemical Society

March 2024 - Noelia Felipe Montiel obtained the degree of Doctor of Science.

February 2024 - Jonas Schram obtained the degree of Doctor of Science.


January 2024 - Publication in Nature Reviews Chemistry, Voltammetric drug testing makes sense at the border

November 2023 - The final conference of BorderSens, a symposium on the on-site detection of illicit drugs was held on 21 November 2023. The event was widely covered in the media.

July 2023 - Our paper ‘Electrochemical methods for on-site multidrug detection at festivals’ was nominated for the 2022 Outstanding Paper Award for Sensors & Diagnostics.

May 2023 - dr. Elise Daems receives a prestigious FWO postdoctoral fellowship!

May 2023 - dr. Annemarijn Steijlen obtains a Rubicon postdoctoral fellowship! Well done!

April 2023 - Interested in our home-made screen printed electrodes? Reach out to us.

January 2023 - Start of our iBOF SOCan consortium project with K. De Wael as coordinator.

October 2022 - K. De Wael is appointed as chair of the Scientific Board of NICC.

April 2022 - XXVII International symposium on Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics in Antwerp , Belgium.


March 2022 - The PhotoElectroArt project of dr. Victoria Beltran has been awarded with the MSCA2022 by the European Commission. 

February 2022 - Professor Karolien De Wael receives the honorary title of 'Distinguished Visitor Professor'  by "Iuliu Haţieganu" University of Medicine and  Pharmacy.


December 2021 - New Biosensors and bioelectronics paper on wearable wristband-based electrochemical sensor for the detection of phenylalanine in biofluids.

December 2021 - A-Sense Lab wins Medical Solutions Accelerator with cancer detection technology


July 2021 - Marc Parilla receives the poster prize at the CSAC2021: 1st International Electronic Conference on Chemical Sensors and Analytical Chemistry (online)

September 2020 - Our review (acssensors.0c01318) was one of the top 10 most read papers in the past month at ACS Sensors. You can see the most read papers this month here

September 2020 - First birthday of BorderSens - Fruitful annual online meeting

August 2020 - New review 'Wearable Electrochemical Sensors for the Monitoring and Screening of Drugs'. A very pleasant USA-Belgium collaboration between the team of Joe Wang and our team.

Check it out!

July 2020 - Visual indicators of how we want to interact with others in our lab, following our guidelines. Or how to combine individual differences in dealing with the Covid-19 stress. Great idea!

Green: Hi, I feel very comfortable, however, will respect individual differences. Orange: Hi, I feel rather comfortable in interacting with you, but please keep maximum distance. Red: Hi, I’m only feeling comfortable when keeping the distance and minimizing interactions, or Hi, I’m returning from holidays.


April 2020 - Contribution to topical collection featuring “Female Role Models in Analytical Chemistry” in the journal “Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry” by the AXES PhD Ladies

March 2020 - Our screen printing and UV-curing facilities in operation.

January 2020 - A bilateral scientific cooperation South Africa has started! Great to collaborate with Prof. Ken Ozoemena and colleagues from Wits University.

January 2020 - Fabio Botari obtained the degree of Doctor of Science.

January 2020 - Dr. Rui Campos has obtained a MSCA-IF to develop an innovative electrochemical multiplex biosensor for detection and quantification of clinically relevant circulating miRNAs (INFORM) involved in prostate cancer.

September 2019 - New Nature Communications paper on cable bacteria with our electrochemistry data

September 2019 - Kick off meeting of the EU BorderSens project, coordinated by K. De Wael.

September 2019 - Dr. Devin Daems obtained the VLAIO innovation mandate: entitled `eSense: Electrochemical sensors for illicit drugs`

May 2019 - AXES in the Media: Labo's willen komaf maken met plastic

October 2018 - Liselotte wins the second prize “Metrohm Young Chemist Award Benelux 2018”.

May 2018 - Vanousheh Rahemi obtained the degree of Doctor of Science.

April 2018 - Cover Analytical Chemistry - Levamisole : a common adulterant in cocaine street samples hindering electrochemical detection of cocaine

July 2016 - Vanoushe Rahemi receives the poster prize at the CHEMCH 2016 conference in Brussels, Belgium.

February 2016 - Mats de Jong receives the prize for best oral presentation in the field of analytical and environmental chemistry at the ChemCYS 2016 conference in Blankenberge, Belgium.

November 2015 - Sanaz Pilehvar receives the poster prize at the SMCBS 2015 conference in Pultusk, Poland.

August 2015 - Summer meeting on Bio-electrochemistry (SMOBE) 2015 in Antwerp , Belgium.

April 2015 - Prof. Karolien De Wael visited Prof. Joseph Wang and his research group in San Diego. A collaboration on finger-tip electrochemical sensors was initiated and some first experiments were performed.

Thanks to FWO for supporting this research stay financially.

February 2014 - Sanaz Pilehvar receives the prize for best oral presentation at the CHEMCH 2014 conference in Blankenberge, Belgium.