Manuals & webinars

Using the Tobii eyetracker


The  AnHuLab's  eyetracker is a  Tobii TX300 .  
We have opted for a basic configuration with a fixed wide screen display. The user's Manual contains a full description of the eyetracker's usage and possibilities. A printed copy of the manual is available at the lab itself (cupboard), but you can always consult the online version

download Tobii TX300 manual


The Eyetracker is operated by a software program, called Tobii Studio. This is a user friendly program with lots of options to easily set upand finetune an experimental flow, to conduct the experiment, and finally analyze the data. The program is installed on the main computer in the AnHuLab. 
On the Tobii website you find a brief introduction to the program's use and possibilities. The documentation deals with the main components of the program. Accompanying videos clarify the main steps in each procedure. In the AnHuLab you will find the printed manual, but an online Manual is also available.

   download Tobii Studio manual 



Tobii regularly organizes online webinars during which general and more specialized themes are presented. Some webinars are free and open access (requiring only a formal registration). You can find an overview and a calendar of the trainings and webinars on the Tobii website.

On YouTube you can also find some recorded webinars (training sessions).
For instance: