The Antwerp Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (AntwerpCER) is a research centre committed to developing innovative, groundbreaking, academically sound, and societally relevant knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship. The research centre integrates entrepreneurship-related knowledge from researchers affiliated with the University of Antwerp (UAntwerp) and Antwerp Management School (AMS) and closely collaborates with external (academic) partners, both locally and internationally.  

Thanks to the close collaborations of a wide variety of researchers active in the entrepreneurship field, our work is interdisciplinary in nature, and we are able to offer expertise in a wide range of entrepreneurship-related research themes. We apply a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods and focus on both fundamental and applied research. This richness of methods and perspectives allows us to offer cutting-edge research.  

Are you interested in knowing more or searching for expertise in a particular field? Check out our research themes and the lead researchers affiliated with these themes!