Open postdoc and PhD position in Explainable AI

Explainable AI is about explaining the decisions made by complex prediction models. At our research group, we pioneered the counterfactual explanation: what needs to change in your data as to receive a different predicted outcome. Most applications of AI face a strong need in this area, for which we develop and validate novel algorithms. As we are part of the faculty of Business & Economics, there is a strong link with business and applications. This topic is also part of a broader theme of Data Science Ethics on which we focus, both research-wise and educationally. We have two positions:

  • PhD position: a position to obtain your PhD in this area. We seek a highly motivated student, with excellent grades and some first experience in the topic.
  • Postdoc position: to work and be the senior researcher in our research group, in this specific area. We seek a researcher with PhD (or foreseen in the near future), with a strong academic background, great Python skills and passion for data mining.

If interested, please reach out to