Applied Veterinary Morphology

The laboratory of Applied Veterinary Morphology focuses on animal-centered research. Especially research on non-rodent animal models that focuses on the development of the gut and biotransformation capacities. 

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Key publications

Van Peer E, Jacobs F, Snoeys J, Van Houdt J, Pijpers I, Casteleyn C, Van Ginneken C, Van Cruchten S - In vitro Phase I- and Phase II-Drug Metabolism in the liver of Juvenile and Adult Göttingen Minipigs.
Pharmaceutical Research. 34 (2017), p. 750-764.

Van Peer E, Downes N, Casteleyn C, Van Ginneken C, Weeren A, Van Cruchten S - Organ data from the developing Göttingen minipig : first steps towards a juvenile PBPK model.
Journal of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. 43 (2016), p. 179-190.

Saad M, Verbueken E, Pype C, Casteleyn C, Van Ginneken C, Maes L, Cos P, Van Cruchten S - In vitro CYP1A activity in the zebrafish: temporal but low metabolite levels during organogenesis and lack of gender differences in the adult stage. Reproductive Toxicology. 64 (2016), p. 50-56.

Prims S, Tambuyzer B, Vergauwen H, Huygelen V, Van Cruchten S, Van Ginneken C, Casteleyn C. - Intestinal immune cell quantification and gram type classification of the adherent microbiota in conventionally and artificially reared, normal and low birth weight pigletsLivestock science 185(2016), p. 1-7.

De Vos M, Huygelen V, Casteleyn C, Van Cruchten S and Van Ginneken C - Alternative Models to Study the Intestinal Barrier Function of Piglets. Altern Lab Anim 40 (2012), p 26-27.





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