Applied Veterinary Morphology

The laboratory of Applied Veterinary Morphology focuses on animal-centered research. Especially research on non-rodent animal models that focuses on the development of the gut and biotransformation capacities. 

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PhD-defense Evy Verbueken on December 16, 2019

PhD-defense Evy Verbueken:

When: Monday December 16; 17h00

Where: Building O, auditorium O8

Promotors: Prof. dr. Steven Van Cruchten and Prof. dr. Chris Van Ginneken



PhD-defense Charlotte Vanden Hole

On October 18 Charlotte Vanden Hole successfully defended her PhD “Locomotor development in the newborn pig”.

International Society for Animal Genetics Conference (ISAG) 2019 – Lleida, Spain.

From July 7th till July 12th the Society for Animal Genetics holds its 37th Conference. This is one of the most important animal genetics conferences, spanning different aspects such as population genetics, functional genetics, genomics and epigenetics of the main domestic species. 

Miriam Ayuso Hernando of the Applied Veterinary Morphology group will present a poster at this conference entitled “Low birth weight affects porcine intestinal gene expression and impairs intestinal development”.

Veted 2019

On July 4th 2019 An Langbeen will give a short communication entitled “Veterinary students and alumni survey on method of instruction, significance and training opportunities of different practical skills” on the annual International Symposium of the Veterinary Schools Council (VetEd). More information can be found on

A new life for giraffe Dana - 20 november 2018

Giraffe Dana

Beelden ATV:



IPV day 17/01/20 (Ghent)

On January 17th 2020 Chris Van Ginneken gives a presentation on the pathophysiology of the intra-uterine growth retardation (IUGR) piglet at the IPV day of the University of Ghent.

IPVS 22/11/19 (Merelbeke)

At the IPVS congress in Merelbeke, on November 22, 2019:

Sara Prims gave an oral presentation entitled: "Saliva as a tool to detect chronic stress in piglets"

Kevin Van Tichelen gave an oral presentation entitled: "Drenching low birth weight piglets: friend or foe?"

Charlotte Vanden Hole won the poster prize with: "Glucose and glycogen levels in piglets that differ in birth weight and vitality"



Science Direct

Glucose and glycogen levels in piglets that differ in birth weight and vitality. Heliyon, 2019. 5(9): p. e02510..pdf

Charlotte Vanden Hole, Miriam Ayuso, Peter Aerts, Sara Prims, Steven Van Cruchten, Chris Van Ginneken

ETS 2019 - from 17 to 20 september 2019

At the 47th annual meeting of the European Teratology Society in Cologne, Chloé Bars won the poster prize

And she also won the Quiz, together with Laura Buyssens and Allan Valenzuela

70th "EAAP annual meeting" Gent (ICC)

From 26 till 30 August the European Federation of Animal Science organizes its 70th annual meeting.

From the Applied Veterinary Morphology group Sara Prims and Charlotte Vanden Hole will present their research.
And Kevin Van Tichelen will present a poster entitled: "Drenching low birth weight piglets: friend or foe?"

August 26th: Sara Prims will give a presentation in the session “Heat stress and other environmental factors affecting performance: a physiology perspective” entitled “Saliva as a tool to detect chronic stress in piglets”.

August 27th: Charlotte Van den Hole will present her research on “Locomotion as a possible indicator of vitality in the newborn pig” in the session  “Neonatal survival in pigs”.

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Minipig Research Forum in Vienna 22-24 May 2019

During the 13th Minipig Research Forum, held in Vienna 22-24 May 2019, CEO Lars Friis Mikkelsen was proud to appoint two more Göttingen Minipigs Ambassadors: Berit Ø Christoffersen, Principal Scientist at Novo Nordisk, DK, and Jo Harding, Project Toxicologist at AstraZeneca, UK. Congratulations and thank you once again for your great support and promotion of the use of Göttingen Minipigs in biomedical research! Also a warm thank-you to previously appointed GM Ambassadors Associate Professor Steven Van Cruchten and Dr. Henner Simianer for joining the photo session

Journal of Proteomics

On the characterisation of the porcine gland-specific salivary proteome.pdf

Prims S., Van Raemdonck G., Vanden Hole C., Van Cruchten S., Van Ginneken C., Van Ostade X., Casteleyn C.

Journal Plos One

Animal Feed Science and Technology

A review on early gut maturation and colonization in pigs, including biological and dietary factors affecting gut homeostasis

Nadia Everaert, Steven Van Cruchten, Björn Weström, Michael Bailey, Chris Van Ginneken, Thomas Thymann, Robert Pieper


Key publications

Vanden Hole C, Aerts P, Prims S, Ayuso Hernando M, Van Cruchten S, Van Ginneken C - Does intrauterine crowding affect locomotor development? A comparative study of motor performance, neuromotor maturation and gait variability among piglets that differ in birth weight and vitality.   
PLoS ONE - ISSN 1932-6203-13:4 (2018) 

Van Peer E, Jacobs F, Snoeys J, Van Houdt J, Pijpers I, Casteleyn C, Van Ginneken C, Van Cruchten S - In vitro Phase I- and Phase II-Drug Metabolism in the liver of Juvenile and Adult Göttingen Minipigs.
Pharmaceutical Research. 34 (2017), p. 750-764.

Van Peer E, Downes N, Casteleyn C, Van Ginneken C, Weeren A, Van Cruchten S - Organ data from the developing Göttingen minipig : first steps towards a juvenile PBPK model.
Journal of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. 43 (2016), p. 179-190.

Saad M, Verbueken E, Pype C, Casteleyn C, Van Ginneken C, Maes L, Cos P, Van Cruchten S - In vitro CYP1A activity in the zebrafish: temporal but low metabolite levels during organogenesis and lack of gender differences in the adult stage. Reproductive Toxicology. 64 (2016), p. 50-56.

Prims S, Tambuyzer B, Vergauwen H, Huygelen V, Van Cruchten S, Van Ginneken C, Casteleyn C. - Intestinal immune cell quantification and gram type classification of the adherent microbiota in conventionally and artificially reared, normal and low birth weight pigletsLivestock science 185(2016), p. 1-7.

De Vos M, Huygelen V, Casteleyn C, Van Cruchten S and Van Ginneken C - Alternative Models to Study the Intestinal Barrier Function of Piglets. Altern Lab Anim 40 (2012), p 26-27.





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