Comparative Perinatal Development (CoPeD), formerly Applied Veterinary Morphology

The Comparative Perinatal Development (CoPeD) group focuses on animal-centered research, but also investigates alternative models in order to reduce the number of animals in applied research. This applied research is focused on perinatal development with the pig industry and pharmaceutical industry as the most important stakeholders.

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Minipig Research Forum


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PhD-defense Charlotte Vanden Hole

On October 18 Charlotte Vanden Hole successfully defended her PhD “Locomotor development in the newborn pig”.

Key publications

Prims S., Van Raemdonck G., Vanden Hole C., Van Cruchten S., Van Ginneken C., Van Ostade X., Casteleyn C.
On the characterisation of the porcine gland-specific salivary proteome
Journal of Proteomics 196 (2019), p. 92-105

Van Peer E, Downes N, Casteleyn C, Van Ginneken C, Weeren A, Van Cruchten S
Organ data from the developing Göttingen minipig : first steps towards a juvenile PBPK model.
Journal of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. 43 (2016), p. 179-190.

Van Peer E, Jacobs F, Snoeys J, Van Houdt J, Pijpers I, Casteleyn C, Van Ginneken C, Van Cruchten S
In vitro Phase I- and Phase II-Drug Metabolism in the liver of Juvenile and Adult Göttingen Minipigs.
Pharmaceutical Research. 34 (2017), p. 750-764.

Nadia Everaert, Steven Van Cruchten, Björn Weström, Michael Bailey, Chris Van Ginneken, Thomas Thymann, Robert Pieper
A review on early gut maturation and colonization in pigs, including biological and dietary factors affecting gut homeostasis
Animal Feed Science and technology 233(2017)89-103

Vanden Hole C., Cleuren S., Van Ginneken C., Prims S., Ayuso M., Van Cruchten S., Aerts P.
How does intrauterine crowding affect locomotor performance in newborn pigs? A study of force generating capacity and muscle composition of the hind limb
PloS ONE 13(12): e0209233






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