(Formerly Applied Veterinary Morphology)

The Comparative Perinatal Development (CoPeD) group focuses on animal-centered research, but also investigates alternative models in order to reduce the number of animals in applied research. This applied research is focused on perinatal development with the pig industry and pharmaceutical industry as the most important stakeholders.

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new article is published in Animals

The Effect of Drenching (Very) Low Birth Weight Piglets with a Dense, Concentrated Milk Replacer at Farms with Differing Farrowing Management

by Kevin Van Tichelen, Sara Prims, Miriam Ayuso, Lieselotte Van Bockstal, Céline Van Kerschaver, Mario Vandaele, Jeroen Degroote, Steven Van Cruchten, Joris Michiels and Chris Van Ginneken

Learn more about our Belgian Collen-Francqui Chair 2021-2022 by Prof. Per Sangild:

Belgian Collen-Francqui Chair 2021-2022

Innovative rearing concepts for resilient piglets.

The VLAIO-LA project 'Introduction and optimization of innovative rearing concepts for resilient piglets', led by Prof. Chris Van Ginneken (Department of Veterinary Sciences) and Prof. Joris Michiels (UGent), aimed to introduce and optimize innovative concepts in piglet rearing. The goal was to obtain more resilient piglets in a cost effective way. More information in this talkshow (in Dutch).

A new article is published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Developmental Toxicity and Biotransformation of Two Anti-Epileptics in Zebrafish Embryos and Early Larvae

by Chloé Bars, Jente Hoyberghs, Allan Valenzuela, Laura Buyssens, Miriam Ayuso, Chris Van Ginneken, Alain J. Labro, Kenn Foubert, Steven J. Van Cruchten


A new article is published in Frontiers in Pediatrics, section Neonatology:

Preterm birth affects early motor development in pigs

by Charlotte Vanden Hole, Miriam Ayuso, Peter Aerts, Steven Van Cruchten, Thomas Thymann, Per T Sangild, Chris Van Ginneken.​

Key publications

Van Ginneken C., Ayuso M., Van Bockstal L., Van Cruchten S.

Preweaning performance in intrauterine growth-restricted piglets: Characteristics and interventions
Molecular Reproduction & Development (2022):

Ayuso M., Michiels J., Wuyts S., Honglin Yan, Degroote J., Lebeer S., Le Bourgot C., Apper E., Majdeddin M., Van Noten N., Vanden Hole C., Van Cruchten S., Van Poucke M., Peelman L., Van Ginneken C.

Short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides supplementation to suckling piglets: Assessment of pre- and post-weaning performance and gut health
PLoS ONE 15(6): e0233910. pone.0233910

Prims S., Van Raemdonck G., Vanden Hole C., Van Cruchten S., Van Ginneken C., Van Ostade X., Casteleyn C.

On the characterisation of the porcine gland-specific salivary proteome
Journal of Proteomics 196 (2019), p. 92-105