(Formerly Applied Veterinary Morphology)

The Comparative Perinatal Development (CoPeD) group focuses on animal-centered research, but also investigates alternative models in order to reduce the number of animals in applied research. This applied research is focused on perinatal development with the pig industry and pharmaceutical industry as the most important stakeholders.

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New articles

An article is published in Frontiers in Pharmacology

Ontogeny of CYP3A and UGT activity in preterm piglets: a translational model for drug metabolism in preterm newborns

by Laura Buyssens, Allan Valenzuela, Sara Prims, Miriam Ayuso, Thomas Thymann, Chris Van Ginneken and Steven Van Cruchten

An article is published in Integrative and Comparative Biology

Early Development of Locomotion in The Term Piglet Model: Does Size Matter?

by Peter Aerts, Falk Mielke, Charlotte Vanden Hole, Merel JW Van Gorp, Chris Van Ginneken

An article is published in Plos One

Chronic exposure to multiple stressors alters the salivary proteome of piglets

by Sara Prims, Xaveer Van Ostade, Miriam Ayuso, Martin Dom, Geert Van Raemdonck, Steven Van Cruchten, Christophe Casteleyn, Chris Van Ginneken

An article is published in Frontiers in Pediatrics

Development of a neonatal Göttingen Minipig model for dose precision in perinatal asphyxia: technical opportunities, challenges, and potential further steps

by Marina-Stefania Stroe, Lieselotte Van Bockstal, Allan Valenzuela, Miriam Ayuso, Karen Leys, Pieter Annaert, Sebastien Carpentier, Anne Smits, Karel Allegaert, Adrian Zeltner, Antonius Mulder, Chris Van Ginneken and Steven Van Cruchten

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