Mass Spectrometers

ESI Q-TOF Synapt G2 with ETD and SID, 4k/32k option (Waters)

The SYNAPT® G2 High Definition MS™ System from Waters combines ion mobility separation with mass spectrometry, accessing a dimension of data that was previously unavailable.

Applications include:

  • Increase peak capacity: find out what HDMS can do for your small molecule, proteomics, and glycoform studies.
  • Isomer/conformer analysis: separate organic compounds, glycans or lipids.
  • Size/shape determination: measure collision cross sections of proteins and biomolecular complexes. 

ESI Q-TOF II high-mass (MSVision)

The MS Vision High Mass Q-Tof (based on a Waters Q-TOF II) is optimized for studies of large, non-convalent protein complexes. It offers enhanced sensitivity for high mass species and allows tandem MS on precursor ions up to 30,000 m/z, based on the modifications originally published in F. Sobott, H. Hernández, M.G. McCammon, M.A. Tito, C.V. Robinson. Anal. Chem. 74 (2002), 1402.

Standard Q-Tof instruments are limited in their capacity to analyze high mass species. This is due to many design characteristics which have been developed for optimal performance in proteomics applications. Performance for high mass applications can be improved by careful modification of individual instrumental details. MS Vision have bundled a number of instrument modifications into a commercially modified Q-TOF II.


TOF-SIMS IV upgraded with state-of-the-art primary ion gun and sputter gun (similar to TOF-SIMS V).

This mass spectrometer is maintained by ION-TOF Gmbh.
We have a Bismuth Liquid Metal Ion Gun (LMIG) which provides superior secondary ion yield and can be focussed to a spot of 150 nm.
Sputtering is done by C60 or Cesium.


• Several modes optimised for spectroscopy or imaging
• Lateral resolution of up to 150 nm in imaging mode
• Mass resolution of up to 2000 (FWHM on H+) in spectroscopy mode
• Dual-beam depth profiling (Bi for analysis, C60 for sputtering)
• Stage with 5 independent axes (X, Y, Z, rotation and tilt)
• Vacuum system with advanced turbo-pumps for pressures as low as 10-10 mbar
• Sample size up to 10 cm x 10 cm