Key publications

Experimental infection by microparasites affects the oxidative balance in their avian reservoir host the blackbird **Turdus merula**
Norte Ana Cláudia   Costantini David   Araújo Pedro Miguel   Eens Marcel   Ramos Jaime Albino   Heylen Dieter  
Ticks and tick-borne diseases - ISSN 1877-959X- (2018) p. 1-45
Artificial light at night causes an unexpected increase in oxalate in developing male songbirds
Raap Thomas   Pinxten Rianne   Eens Marcel  
Conservation physiology - ISSN 2051-1434-6 (2018)
In Situ Clock Shift Reveals that the Sun Compass Contributes to Orientation in a Pelagic Seabird
Padget Oliver   Bond Sarah L.   Kavelaars Marwa   van Loon Emiel   Bolton Mark   Fayet Annette L.   Syposz Martyna   Roberts Stephen   Guilford Tim  
Current biology - ISSN 0960-9822-28:2 (2018) p. 275-+
Transfer of hexabromocyclododecane flame retardant isomers from captive American kestrel eggs to feathers and their association with thyroid hormones and growth
Marteinson Sarah C.   Eulaers Igor   Jaspers Veerle   Covaci Adrian   Eens Marcel   Letcher Robert J.   Fernie Kim J.  
Environmental pollution - ISSN 0269-7491-220:A (2017) p. 441-451
Coadaptation of offspring begging and parental provisioning : a role for prenatal maternal effects?
Estramil Natalia   Groothuis Ton G.G.   Eens Marcel   de Vries Bonnie   Müller Wendt  
Hormones and behavior - ISSN 0018-506X-87 (2017) p. 129-136

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