The Collaborative Antwerp Psychiatric Research Institute (CAPRI) is a scientific research centre of (neuro) psychiatry and mental health at the University of Antwerp, which was founded in December 2002. For more than 20 years, CAPRI has been involved in neuropsychiatric research efforts in the field of medical psychology and psychiatry. Next to its role in scientific research, CAPRI also plays an important role in education and training of medical students, trainees in psychiatry and training in psychotherapy of psychologists and psychiatrists.

The purpose of the scientific research conducted at CAPRI is to understand the basics that underlie specific psychiatric disorders, in order to improve diagnostics and treatment. This research is executed from different angles, e.g. biomarker research, cognitive neuroscience, experimental psychopathology, psychopharmacology and psychotherapy. A core research topic at CAPRI is the role of neuroinflammatory abnormalities in psychotic and mood disorders.