Our services

CEV offers its expertise on clinical trial conduct, the recruitment of the study participants by providing a database of more than 3000 subjects, the execution of the vaccine studies in a Phase I-IV clinical trial unit according to ICH-GCP, trained personnel, analysis and reporting of the data, and the needed GLP facilities to quantify humoral and cellular immune responses induced by the vaccines.

We offer:
  • a multidisciplinary research team.
  • Platform for vaccine clinical studies: phase I-IV.
  • 'bedside to bench' delivery timelines to quickly adjust the vaccine development process.

⇒ A combination of high quality  infrastructure with state-of-the-art 


Hilde Revets
IOF Research & Innovation Manager
Campus Drie Eiken, Gebouw R
Universiteitsplein 1
2610 Wilrijk
Tel. +32 (0) 3 265 28 89