CEV has a long-standing tradition in running national and international vaccine safety & immunogenicity trials (HBV, HPV, polio, influenza, Ross River, Dengue, …). In its 25 years history, CEV has participated in more than 330 clinical trials.

25 years of experience:

  • Over 330 vaccine trials conducted.
  • Phase 1-4 vaccine trials.
  • Vaccine trials in  all age groups in health and patient populations.
  • More than 60 policy research projects related to vaccination.
  • Part of an international vaccine trial network.

Expertise in:

  • Vaccine field effectiveness and efficacy studies for prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines.
  • Epidemiological studies.
  • Vaccine device research.
  • Health economic studies.
  • Infectious disease modelling.


⇒    An impressive track record in research and supprt of pharmaceutical
       and diagnostic R&D in the field of vaccines and infectious diseases.