In the undergraduate curriculum of the Antwerp Medical School several GPs are involved in teaching activities in the whole educational trajectory from year 1 till year 7. Besides, all medical students will visit GPs’ surgeries for practical training during the different years of their training. From the first year onwards, students have the opportunity to be introduced in primary care research activities. A personal support by tutorship is guaranteed by all those who are interested in it.

Colleagues from the Centre for General Practice are involved in different teaching modules as in lessons on “addiction” in the first bachelor year, or coordinate teaching modules on Evidence Based Medicine (Bachelor 3), General Practice (Bachelor 3), Geriatrics and Chronic Care delivery (Master 2), Inter-professional Collaboration in Health Care (Master 4), clerkships in General Practice (Master 4).

In all courses we strive to consider the different aspects of our vision of health, health care and general practice/family medicine, making these visions are being passed on to our students. In that respect, in addition to its own team of teachers, we also appeal to the different actors in our society.

CHA does not only use ‘informative learning' and 'formative learning’, but also puts great emphasis on ‘transformative learning’. The transformative learning method is not limited to the collection of knowledge and skills, but aims for the person to change itself and adapt to new information, new situations, new experiences and new insights. This is only possible if individual learners know them self, the world around them and how they fit (self -location).

GPs are also involved in the skills lab training and direct students’ master thesis’s .