Tools for Digital Scholarly Editing

For CLARIAH-VL, the Flemish contribution to the European research infrastructures DARIAH and CLARIN, the University of Antwerp's research group Centre for Manuscript Genetics (CMG) develops eXtant Toolkit for Digital Scholarly Editing. This toolkit offers a range of tools to assist with digital scholarly editing tasks, but not only for analogue material. Since literary heritage is increasingly born-digital, the toolkit also includes tools that can help, and also encourage, working with born-digital material, such as keystroke logging data.

  • Axolotl: Collaborative XML editor
  • Bibundina: Writer’s Library App
  • Keystroke loxensis: Visualisation App for keystroke logging encoding
  • Diff Annotator: Annotating Diffs

Besides these apps, the toolkit offers several tools with regard to handwritten text recognition:

  • HTR pre-processing scripts
  • HTR models
  • HTR Keyword Spotting 
  • HTR post processing

eXtant includes contributions from Nooshin Shahidzadeh Asadi, Loren Verreyen, Josip Batinić, Vincent Neyt, Dirk Van Hulle & Lamyk Bekius.