Seminar numerical analysis

Gaps in the bachelor-master program in numerically oriented research topics in the widest sense are being dealt with in this seminar, as well as topics relating to the theses of the participating students. The seminar format aims at a balance between presentations by the participating students and the responsible research groups.
Several guest speakers will also be invited.

Practical information

Students Master of Mathematics: Financial Mathematics (part 1 or 2)
Period 1st/2nd term 2019-2020
Contact hours Monday 16.00-18.00, room M.G.016
check the time schedule for the right dates and times
Tutors prof. dr. Annie Cuyt
prof. dr. Karel in 't Hout
prof. dr. Wim Vanroose
prof. dr. Uwe Peter Wystup

Time schedule

30 September 2019 — Introduction (slides)

14 October 2019 — Sparse interpolation (part 2) and Direction of Arrival estimation (slides)

2 December 2019 — Presentations by students

  • QZ decomposition
  • One-dimensional radar

9 December 2019 — Presentations by students

  • Padé approximation theory
  • GNSS

16 December 2019 — Presentations by students

  • RFID

Reading assignment

VEXPA: Validated Exponential Analysis through regular subsampling. Sections 2.2 and 2.3 can be skipped.

Project subjects

  1. Padé approximation theory
  2. QZ decomposition
    • Numerical Methods for General and Structured Eigenvalue Problems
  3. GNSS
  4. RFID
  5. One-dimensional radar

Background information