Our research focuses on nano and mesoscopic physics, with a key goal to characterize materials on all scales between the atomistic and the macroscopic one, and enable their novel functionalities. The electrical, vibrational, magnetic, optical, and superconducting properties of pristine and nanoengineered materials are studied using advanced theoretical modelling and computer simulations, and tailored at will using structural, electronic and magnetic stimuli. Hybrid systems and heterostructures consisting of different functional materials are also within our focus, either with goal to have more functionalities in one hybrid material, or to hybridize the functionalities of the constituents into something entirely new, unattainable otherwise. High-throughput search and in silico design of materials with desired properties is another important aspect of our work. In nearly everything we do, the close interaction with experiment (i.e. reality) is warranted. In this research, we maintain an active collaboration with over a dozen prominent experimental and theoretical groups around the world.