Working Papers 2024

Working Papers 2023

WP 23/12  Cantillon, B., Lemmens, A., Neelen, W. & van den Broeck, R. - Silent elements of policy change: inflation and uprating mechanisms in the Low Countries

WP 23/11  Akarçeşme, S., Aranguiz, A., Lemmens, A. & Cantillon, B. - Reaching the European 2030 poverty target: The imperative for balancing the EU Social Agenda

WP 23/10  Leitner, L. - Imprecision in the Estimation of Willingness to Pay Using Subjective Well-Being Data

WP 23/09  Seré, M. - Don’t Stop Me Now: Gender Attitudes in Academic Seminars Through Machine Learning

WP 23/08  Cabeza, B. - Social preferences, support for redistribution, and attitudes towards vulnerable groups

WP 23/07  Cabeza, B. & Da Costa, S. - Taxation for development: the impact of the Ebola epidemic on citizen support across Western Africa

WP 23/06  Greiss, J., Hermans, K. & Cantillon, B. - The making of a European Social Union: The case of food banks and the right to minimum income protection

WP 23/05  Cabeza, B. & Decancq, K. - Social preferences and information about effort and luck: an online survey experiment

WP 23/04  Wizan, M., Neelen, W. & Marchal, S. - Balancing speed and effectiveness: smoothing income volatility through COVID-19 social policy responses in Belgium

WP 23/03  Aerts, E., Marx, I. & Verbist, G. - Not That Basic: How Level, Design and Context Matter for the Redistributive Outcomes of Universal Basic Income

WP 23/02  Salverda, W. & Rook, V. - The vicious entanglement of labour-market and income inequalities in Europe

WP 23/01  Hermans, K., Cantillon, B., Bernát, A., Carrillo-Alvarez, E., Cussó-Parcerisas, I., Mäkinen, L., Muñoz Martínez, J. & Szivos, P. - Food aid in four European countries: Assessing the price and content of charitable food aid packages by using food basket, household budget survey and contextual data

Working Papers 2022

WP 22/06  Cantillon, B.  Poverty and the Tragedy of the Welfare State. Seven terms for a new social contract

WP 22/05  Greiss, J., Schoneville, H., Adomavičienė, A., Baltutė, R., Bernat, A., Cantillon, B., Carrillo-Álvarez, E., Delanghe, H., Goderis, B., Hermans, K., van der Horst, H., Michoń, P., Pereira, E.S., Pereirinha, J.A. Food aid in Europe in times of the COVID-19 crisis. An international survey project

WP 22/04  Aerts, E., Marx, I. & Parolin, Z.  Minimum income support for families with children in Europe and the US: where does it stand?

WP 22/03  Hick, R. & Marx, I.  Poor workers in rich democracies: On the nature of in-work poverty and its relationship to labour market policies

WP 22/02  Zsuzsa Lévay, P., Goedemé, T. & Verbist, G.  Income and expenditure elasticity of household carbon footprints. Some methodological considerations

WP 22/01  Cantillon, B.  The Tragic Decline of the Poverty Reducing Capacity of the Welfare State: Lessons from Two Decades of Social Policy Research

Working Papers 2021

WP 21/11 Hermans, K., Greiss, J., Delanghe, H. & Cantillon, B. Delivering on the European Pillar of Social Rights: Towards a needs-oriented distribution of the social funds?

WP 21/10  Haapanala, H., Marx, I. & Parolin, Z. Robots and Unions: The Moderating Effect of Organised Labour on Technological Unemployment

WP 21/09 Van Loon, V. & Decancq, K. Using a factorial survey to estimate the relative importance of well-being dimensions according to older people: insights from a repeated survey experiment in Flanders

WP 21/08 Penne, T., Delanghe, H. & Goedemé, T. An exploration of key factors that determine the affordability of compulsory education in Europe

WP 21/07 Cantó Sánchez, O., Figari, F., Fiorio, C., Kuypers, S., Marchal, S., Romaguera de la Cruz, M., Tasseva I. & Verbist G. Welfare resilience at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in four European countries: Impact on public finance and household incomes

WP 21/06 Lens, D., Marx, I., Oslejová, J. & Mussche, N. Can we steer clear of precariousness in domestic service work? Exploring labour market pathways of Belgian Service Voucher workers

WP 21/05 Adler, M.D. & Decancq, K. Well-Being Measurement

WP 21/04 Decancq, K. & Nys, A. Growing Up In A Poor Household In Belgium: A Rank-Based Multidimensional Perspective On Child Well-Being

WP 21/03 Kuypers, S., Marx, I., Nolan, B. & Palomino, J.C. Lockdown, Earnings Losses and Household Asset Buffers in Europe

WP 21/02 Kuypers, S. & Marx, I. Poverty in the EU using augmented measures of financial resources: the role of assets and debt

WP 21/01 Da Costa, S. Estimating the welfare gains from antiretroviral therapy in Sub-Saharan Africa

Working Papers 2020

Working Papers 2019

WP 19/12 Goedemé, T., Penne T., Swedrup O., Van den Bosch K., & Storms B. Exploring common ground for defining adequate social participation in 24 EU capital cities

WP 19/11 Da Costa, S. The Impact of the Ebola Crisis on Mortality and Welfare in Liberia

WP 19/10 Penne, T., & Goedemé T. Putting inadequate incomes at the heart of food insecurity. A Study of the financial constraints to access a healthy diet in Europe

WP 19/09 Marchal, S., & Siöland L. A safety net that holds? Tracking minimum income protection adequacy for the elderly, the working and the non-working of active age

WP 19/08 Lens, D., Mussche N., & Marx I. Europe’s ever expanding mobility patterns – posting, third-country nationals and the single European labour market

WP 19/07 Decoster, A., Perelman S., Vandelannoote D., Vanheukelom T., & Verbist G. Which way the pendulum swings? Equity and efficiency of three decades of tax-benefit reforms in Belgium

WP 19/06 Penne, T., Cornelis I., & Storms B. Reducing out-of-pocket costs to improve the adequacy of minimum income protection? Reference budgets as an EU policy indicator: The Belgian case 

WP 19/05 Decancq, K., Fleurbaey M., & Maniquet F. Multidimensional poverty measurement with individual preferences

WP 19/04 Vinck, J., & Brekke I. Gender and education inequalities in parental employment when having a young child with increased care needs: Belgium and Norway compared

WP 19/03 Greiss, J., Cantillon B., Penne T., & Marchal S. Europe as agent that fills the gaps? The case of FEAD

WP 19/02 Cantillon, B. The European Pillar of Social Rights: ten arguments for prioritising principle 14 on minimum incomes

WP 19/01 Parolin, Z., & Siöland L. Support for a Universal Basic Income: A Demand-Capacity Paradox?

Working Papers 2018

WP 18/20 Marchal, S., Siöland L., & Goedemé T. Methodological working paper: Using HHoT to generate institutional minimum income protection indicators

WP 18/19 Hufkens, T., Goedemé T., Gasior K., Leventi C., Manios K., Rastrigina O., Recchia P., Sutherland H., Van Mechelen N., & Verbist G. The Hypothetical Household Tool (HHoT) in EUROMOD: a new instrument for comparative research on tax-benefit policies in Europe

WP 18/18 Cabeza, B., & Decancq K. Effort or Luck? Believing in the role of effort during the Spanish economic recession

WP 18/17 Cantillon, B. Social Security and Poverty Reduction in Rich Welfare States : Cracks in the Post War Policy Paradigm, Avenues for the Future

WP 18/16 Verbist, G., Diris R., & Vandenbroucke F. Solidarity between generations in extended families. Direction, size and intensity

WP 18/15 Vandenbroucke, F. A self-critical flashback on the EU’s anti-poverty promise

WP 18/14 Decancq, K., & Nys A. Non-parametric well-being comparisons

WP 18/13 Mussche, N., & Lens D. The EU Free Movement of Services and the growing mobility of Third-Country Nationals as posted workers

WP 18/12 De Wilde, M., Meuleman B., & Abts K. In a category of their own? A multigroup SEM comparison of the welfare state attitudes of social workers and the general public

WP 18/11 Penne, T., Hufkens T., Goedemé T., & Storms B. To what extent do welfare states compensate for the cost of children? A hypothetical household approach to policy evaluations

WP 18/10 Marx, I., & Verbist G. Belgium, a poster child for inclusive growth?

WP 18/09 Cantillon, B., Parolin Z., & Collado D. Rising Inequalities and Welfare Generosity: Structural Constraints on the Adequacy of Minimum Incomes in European and American Welfare States

WP 18/08 De Wilde, M., & Marchal S. Weighing up work willingness in social assistance: a balancing act on multiple levels

WP 18/06 Vinck, J., Lebeer J., & Van Lancker W. Non-take up of the supplemental child benefit for children with a disability in Belgium: a mixed-method approach

WP 18/05 Kuypers, S., Figari F., & Verbist G. Redistribution in a joint income-wealth perspective: a cross-country comparison

WP 18/04 Parolin, Z. Race, Social Assistance & Child Poverty across the 50 United States

WP 18/03 Collado, D. Financial work incentives and the long-term unemployed: the case of Belgium

WP 18/02 Parolin, Z., & Luigjes C. Incentive to Retrench? Institutional Moral Hazard among Federal & State Social Assistance Programs after Welfare Reform

WP 18/01 Marchal, S., & Van Lancker W. The measurement of targeting intentions in complex welfare states: a proposal and empirical applications

Working Papers 2017

WP 17/12 Gestel, R. V., Goedemé T., Janssens J., Lefevere E., & Lemkens R. A Reminder to Pay Less for Healthcare: take-up of Increased Reimbursement in a large-scale randomized field experiment

WP 17/11 Hufkens, T., Van Mechelen N., Buysse L., & Verbist G. Fit for the labour market? An effort to reduce inactivity traps in the transition from benefit to work in the Belgian sickness and disability system

WP 17/10 Lens, D., Marx I., & Vujić S. Integrating (former) asylum seekers into the Belgian labour market: What can we learn from the recent past?

WP 17/09 Parolin, Z. Applying Augmented Survey Data to Produce More Accurate, Precise, and Internationally Comparable Estimates of Poverty within the 50 United States

WP 17/08 Janssens, J., & Van Mechelen N. Who is to Blame? An Overview of the Factors Contributing to the Non-Take-Up of Social Rights

WP 17/07 Goedemé, T., Penne T., Hufkens T., Karakitsios A., Bernát A., Simonovits B., Alvarez E. C., Kanavitsa E., Cussó Parcerisas I., Romaní J. R., Mäkinen L., Matsaganis M., Arlotti M., Kopasz M., Szivós P., Ritakallio V. - M., Kazepov Y., Van den Bosch K., & Storms B. What Does It Mean To Live on the Poverty Threshold? Lessons From Reference Budgets

WP 17/06 De Wilde, M., & Goos P. The Implementation of Social Policy: A Factorial Survey Approach

WP 17/05 Collado, D., Cantillon B., Van den Bosch K., Goedemé T., & Vandelannoote D. The End of Cheap Talk About Poverty Reduction: The Cost of Closing the Poverty Gap While Maintaining Work Incentives

WP 17/04 Van Lancker, W., & Horemans J. Into the Great Wide Unknown: Untangling the Relationship between Childcare Service Use and In-Work Poverty

WP 17/03 Goedemé, T., Trindade L. Z., & Vandenbroucke F. A Pan-European Perspective on Low-Income Dynamics in the EU

WP 17/02 Vandelannoote, D., & Verbist G. The Impact of In-Work Benefits on Employment and Poverty

WP 17/01 Horemans, J. Atypical Employment and In-Work Poverty: A Different Story for Part-Timers and Temporary Workers?

Working Papers 2016

Working Papers 2015

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Working Papers 2012

WP 12/12 Ponnet, K., Wouters E., Goedemé T., & Mortelmans D. An exploration of family-based pathways through which parents’ financial stress is associated with problem behaviour of adolescents

WP 12/11 Sebrechts, L. Education for Children with Special Needs: A Comparative Study of Education Systems and Parental Guidance Services

WP 12/10 Pintelon, O. Welfare State Decommodification: Concepts, Operationalizations and Long-term Trends

WP 12/09 Vandenbroucke, F. The Active Welfare State Revisited

WP 12/08 Meeusen, L., & Nys A. Are new social risk expenditures crowding out the old?

WP 12/07 Goedemé, T. Less is More? 20 years of changing minimum income protection for old Europe’s elderly

WP 12/06 Corluy, V., & Vandenbroucke F. Individual Employment, Household Employment and Risk of Poverty in the EU. A Decomposition Analysis

WP 12/05 Vandenbroucke, F., Cantillon B., Van Mechelen N., Goedemé T., & Van Lancker A. The EU and Minimum Income Protection: Clarifying the Policy Conundrum

WP 12/04 Cantillon, B., Van Mechelen N., Pintelon O., & Van den Heede A. Household Work Intensity and the Adequacy of Social Protection in the EU

WP 12/03 Van Lancker, W., Ghysels J., & Cantillon B. An international comparison of the impact of child benefits on poverty outcomes for single mothers

WP 12/02 Ghysels, J., & Vercammen K. The beneficiaries of childcare expansion

WP 12/01 Sebrechts, L., & Breda J. Families of children with special needs in Flanders: their vulnerability within the citizenship paradigm

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