Key publications

Measuring pre-service teachers' professional vision of inclusive classrooms : a video-based comparative judgement instrument
Keppens Karolien   Consuegra Els   Goossens Maarten   De Maeyer Sven   Vanderlinde Ruben  
Teaching and teacher education - ISSN 0742-051X-78 (2019) p. 1-14
Leadership for team learning : the case of university teacher teams
Koeslag-Kreunen Mieke G.M.   Van der Klink Marcel R.   Van den Bossche Piet   Gijselaers Wim H.  
Higher education: the international journal of higher education and educational planning - ISSN 0018-1560-75:2 (2018) p. 191-207
Eco-school evaluation beyond labels : the impact of environmental policy, didactics and nature at school on student outcomes
Boeve-de Pauw Jelle   Van Petegem Peter  
Environmental education research - ISSN 1350-4622-24:9 (2018) p. 1250-1267
Effects of a strategy-focused instructional program on the writing quality of upper elementary students in the Netherlands
Bouwer Renske   Koster Monica   van den Bergh Huub  
Journal of educational psychology - ISSN 0022-0663-110:1 (2018) p. 58-71
A longitudinal study of learning conceptions on the transition between primary and secondary education
Robbers Eric   Donche Vincent   De Maeyer Sven   Van Petegem Peter  
Research papers in education - ISSN 0267-1522-33:3 (2018) p. 375-392

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