Key publications

Exploring the concept of Sustainable Development within Education for Sustainable Development: implications for ESD research and practice
Sinakou Eleni   Boeve-de Pauw Jelle   Van Petegem Peter  
Environment, development and sustainability - ISSN 1387-585X-21:1 (2019) p. 1-10
Effective field trips in nature : the interplay between novelty and learning
Boeve-de Pauw Jelle   Van Hoof Jan   Van Petegem Peter  
Journal of biological education - ISSN 0021-9266-53:1 (2019) p. 21-33
The directional links between students' academic motivation and social integration during the first year of higher education
Noyens Dorien   Donche Vincent   Coertjens Liesje   Van Daal Tine   Van Petegem Peter  
European journal of psychology of education - ISSN 0256-2928-34:1 (2019) p. 67-86
Measuring pre-service teachers' professional vision of inclusive classrooms : a video-based comparative judgement instrument
Keppens Karolien   Consuegra Els   Goossens Maarten   De Maeyer Sven   Vanderlinde Ruben  
Teaching and teacher education - ISSN 0742-051X-78 (2019) p. 1-14
Green schools in Taiwan : effects on student sustainability consciousness
Olsson Daniel   Gericke Niklas   Boeve-de Pauw Jelle   Berglund Teresa   Chang Tzuchau  
Global environmental change : human and policy dimensions - ISSN 0959-3780-54 (2019) p. 184-194

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