Professional learning

Our research focuses on learning and development of professionals. Professional learning is studied in all its facets, across contexts, vocations and professions. We examine the development of professionals after their initial education and within their particular workplace setting. Formal and informal learning activities are explored, and research on individual, team, organizational, and network level is developed. To fully grasp professional learning, we make use of appropriate and innovative research methods.  



Recent Publications

Van Waes, S., Van den Bossche, P., Moolenaar, N., de Maeyer, S., & Van Petegem, P. (2015). Know-who? Linking facultys networks to stages of instructional development. Higher Education: the International Journal of Higher Education and Educational Planning.

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Van den Bossche, P., Gijselaers, W., Segers, M., Woltjer, G., & Kirschner, P. (2011). Team learning : Building shared mental models. Instructional science, 39, 283-301.