The Pure Mathematics group in Antwerp covers a broad range of research fields from algebra over geometry to analysis. More detailed, the research areas presented by the professors in Pure Mathematics are

  • Karim Becher and his research group: Quadratic forms, field arithmetic, central simple algebras, Brauer groups, linear algebraic groups.
  • David Eelbode and his research group: Conformally invariant operators, representation theory, spin groups, Clifford analysis.
  • Sonja Hohloch and her research group: Symplectic geometry, Floer homology, Hamiltonian systems, integrable systems, Morse theory and n-categories, optimal transport.
  • Lieven Le Bruyn and his research group: Algebraic geometry, quantum algebra, representation theory, rings and algebras
  • Wendy Lowen and her research group: Non-commutative algebraic geometry, homological and homotopical algebra, Hochschild cohomology, deformation theory

Moreover, the still active emeriti represent

  • Bob Lowen: Categorical topology, approach theory and index analysis with applications in approximation theory, functional analysis, probability and statistics, hyperspace theory and domain theory.
  • Jan Van Casteren: operator theory, operator semigroups, functional analysis, quantum mechanics, stochastic analysis, stochastic processes.
  • Fred Van Oystaeyen: Noncommutative algebraic geometry, Calabi-Yau algebras and deformations, Rota-Baxter operators, categories over Hopf algebras and quasi-algebras, noncommutative topology, glider representations of filtered algebras, graded ring theory.

Many grants from FWO (PhD and Postdoc fellowships, Pegasus positions, projects, Odysseus program, Excellence of Science (EoS)...), the European Union (ERC) and other countries (Germany, Switzerland...) together with the university's own special fund (BOF) provide the opportunity for active research with many PhD students, postdocs and conferences.

The research group attracts excellent researchers as members or visitors and contributes to the internationalization of mathematics at the University of Antwerp, through further development of international networks and participation in international research activities.