I work at the Department of Mathematics (research group Fundamental Mathematics). I also teach courses at the Faculty of Business and Economics and I am a visiting professor at Ghent University.

I am a member of the  Geometry, Mechanics and Control Network and of the IRSES Network `Geometric Mechanics', within FP7 (EU). 

News and updates

My latest papers

  • S. Hajdu and T. Mestdag, Homogeneous nonlinear splittings and Finsler submersions.

  • S. Hajdu and T. Mestdag, Nonlinear splittings on fibre bundles.
    Analysis and Mathematical Physics 12 (2022), article 14.
    [arXiv] [doi]

  • ​W. Sarlet and T. Mestdag, Compatibility aspects of the method of phase synchronization for decoupling linear second-order differential equations.
    Journal of Geometric Mechanics (2021).
    [arXiv]​ [doi]

  • S. Hajdu and T. Mestdag, Jacobi fields and conjugate points for a projective class of sprays.
    Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics 18 (2021), article 73.
    [arXiv] [doi]

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