Key publications

Approximate central limit theorems
Berckmoes Ben   Molenberghs Geert  
Journal of theoretical probability - ISSN 0894-9840-31:3 (2018) p. 1590-1605
On the tensor product of linear sites and Grothendieck categories
Lowen Wendy   Ramos Gonz├ílez Julia   Shoykhet Boris  
International mathematics research notices - ISSN 1073-7928-21 (2018) p. 6698-6736
Fischer decomposition for the symplectic group
Brackx F.   De Schepper H.   Eelbode David   Lavicka R.   Soucek V.  
Journal of mathematical analysis and applications - ISSN 0022-247X-458:1 (2018) p. 831-848
Graded Leinster monoids and generalized Deligne conjecture for 1-monoidal abelian categories
Shoykhet Boris  
International mathematics research notices - ISSN 1073-7928-19 (2018) p. 5857-5937
Grothendieck categories as a bilocalization of linear sites
Ramos Gonz├ílez Julia  
Applied categorical structures - ISSN 0927-2852-26:4 (2018) p. 717-745

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