Publications in the spotlight

Symplectic classification of coupled angular momenta
Alonso Fernandez Jaume   Dullin Holger R.   Hohloch Sonja  
Nonlinearity - ISSN 0951-7715-33:1 (2020) p. 417-468
Characterization of toric systems via transport costs
Hohloch Sonja  
Journal of Geometric Mechanics - ISSN 1941-4889-12:3 (2020) p. 474-454
Conjugate points for systems of second-order ordinary differential equations
Hajd├║ Sandor   Mestdag Tom  
International journal of geometric methods in modern physics - ISSN 0219-8878-17:1 (2020)
Biquaternion division algebras over rational function fields
Becher Karim Johannes  
Journal of pure and applied algebra - ISSN 0022-4049-224:7 (2020)
Glider Brauer-Severi varieties of central simple algebras
Caenepeel Frederik   Van Oystaeyen Freddy  
Journal of algebra - ISSN 0021-8693-553 (2020) p. 175-210

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