Publications in the spotlight

Hochschild cohomology of projective hypersurfaces
Liu Liyu   Lowen Wendy  
International mathematics research notices - ISSN 1073-7928-10 (2019) p. 3076-3129
What is a noncommutative topos?
Cvetko-Vah Karin   Hemelaer Jens   Le Bruyn Lieven  
Journal of Algebra & Its Applications - ISSN 0219-4988-18:6 (2019)
Survey on recent developments in semitoric systems
Alonso Fernandez Jaume   Hohloch Sonja  
2019,16 p.
Localizations and sheaves of glider representations
Caenepeel Frederik   Van Oystaeyen Freddy  
Journal of pure and applied algebra - ISSN 0022-4049-223:6 (2019) p. 2635-2672
Types of linkage of quadratic Pfister forms
Chapman Adam   Dolphin Andrew  
Journal of number theory - ISSN 0022-314X-199 (2019) p. 352-362

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