21 MarchAxel Holvoet (Vilnius University): "Irrealis and unanchoring"

25 January. Adam Wilson (Université de Lorraine): "The Metamorphosing Language Worker: language practices, policies and ideologies in multilingual professional contexts"


28 November. Jessica McDaid (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona): "Materializing 'English' in the Boarding School Immersion Product: A Critical Ethnographic Lens on Language Socialization Processes among Spanish (Pre)adolescents in Total Institutions"

24 November. Laura Smith-Khan (University of Technology Sydney): "Communicating credibly in refugee status determination: How beliefs about language can affect decision-making"

26 October. Laura Michaelis (University of Colorado Boulder): "Hitting the Pipe: Substance Abuse and other Metaphors of Fossil Fuel Supply and Demand" 

30 May. Jennifer Thewissen & Alena Anishchanka (University of Antwerp): "Motivation profiles for foreign language learning in Flanders"

25 April. Ian Bekker (North-West University South Africa): "The (Even More) Incarnate Word: exploring connections between sociophonetics and modern hermeneutics"

​16 March. John McWhorter (Columbia University): "Human language in 2115"


April 25. Patricia Galiana (University of Antwerp): "On the acquisition of connectives by Dutch-speaking learners of Spanish" 

March 14. Gwen Bouvier (Zhejiang University): "Social justice and social media discourses: Morality and superficiality"

January 17. Eleanor Smith (University of Antwerp): "Complexity in complementation: understanding long-term change in verb complementation in terms of inter- and intra-individual variation"


December 13. Miftahul Huda (University of Antwerp): "Teaching religious tolerance through literature: English language classroom practice in Indonesian Islamic higher education"

November 15. Magda Serwadczak (University of Antwerp & Vrije Universiteit Brussel): "Reconstructing oral discourse in writing: An analysis of orality markers and entextualization strategies in historical witness depositions"


December 9. Fien De Malsche (University of Antwerp): "Influences of globalization on language use and ideologies in Belgian corporate contexts"

November 18. Tom Koss (University of Antwerp): "The present-perfective paradox from a typological perspective" 

October 21. Wenjing Feng (University of Antwerp & Nanjing University): "Identity construction for rapport management in civil conflict mediation discourse by Chinese police forces" 

February 25. Martine Bruil (Universiteit Leiden): "Understanding evidential diversity"


December 13. Quinten Feltgen (L'Institut du Cerveau, Paris): "The statistical physics of language evolution" 

December 10. Mind-Bending Grammars Project (University of Antwerp): "Visualizing grammatical change" 

November 29. Jana Declercq (Ghent University): "The discourse of health" 

November 19. Sofía Pérez Fernández (University of Antwerp): "Measuring variation of complement insubordination in Spanish" 

October 22. Cecilia Erasmus (University of Antwerp): "Modality in Afrikaans" 

October 4. Jane Klavan (University of Tartu): "Experimental and corpus methods in cognitive linguistics"

April 5. Antoinette Camilleri Grima (University of Malta): "A historical overview of Maltese as a mixed language, and 'mixed' language use in the classroom as a pedagogical strategy" 

March 8. Bert Cappelle (Université de Lille): "Modal verbs in Construction Grammar" 

January 18. Julia Skala (Universität Wien): "Tracing the edges of the present perfect puzzle: Definite temporal adverbials and the present perfect in US-American English" 

January 11. Tanja Mortelmans (University of Antwerp): "Probability & inferential evidentiality: How Dutch and German deal with the conceptual domain coded by EN epistemic/evidential must


November 30. Albert Weideman (University of the Free State in South Africa): "Definition and design: Aligning language interventions in education" 

November 16. Ansie Maritz (North-West University South Africa): "Linguistic properties of propaganda"

October 26. Gloria Uclés (Universitat de València): "How do discourse markers manage interaction? A cross-generic corpus-based analysis of Spanish ¿eh?¿no?¿sabes? and ¿vale?"

October 26. Ward Peeters (University of Antwerp): "Peer interaction on Facebook: What does it take to communicate?" 

October 12. Astrid De Wit (University of Antwerp): "The epistemic basis of grammatical alternations: Aspect marking with verbs of communication" 

May 23. Geert Brône (KULeuven): "How eye gaze, speech and gesture synchronize to construe multimodal microphenomena"

April 25. Daniel Van Olmen (Lancaster University): "The imperative in English and Dutch: A three-fold methodological approach to its usage"

March 28. Dámaso Izquierdo (University of Antwerp): "Non-firsthand or general indirect evidentials: do they actually exist? Three case studies"

February 21. Astrid De Wit (Vrije Universiteit Brussel): "The epistemic import of aspectual constructions: The case of performatives"

January 31. Johan van der Auwera (University of Antwerp): "Englishes, English creoles and their Negative Indefinites"



December 13. María Sol Sansiñena: "¡Que te lo preste! Subjunctive free-standing que-clauses as displaced directives" 

November 8. David Correia Saveedra: "A quantitative approach to the measurement of grammaticalization"

October 11. Patrick Dendale (University of Antwerp): "What is evidence in the study of evidentiality?"

June 14. Laura Devlesschouwer: "Questioning the Explicit Cancelability of Scalar Implicatures"

May 17. Louise Cummings: "Is there a role for pragmatics in clinical diagnosis?"

April 19. Alena Anishchanka: "Experimental and corpus-derived evidence for color term basicness: bridging the disciplinary divide"

March 15. Frank Brisard & Astrid De Wit (University of Antwerp): "The epistemic meaning of the progressive"

February 22. Bram Vertommen: "Coding association scenes: a case-study of Dutch-Turkish and Dutch-Moroccan Arabic bilinguals in the Netherlands"


November 23. Peter Petré (University of Antwerp): "The Dynamics of Patterns and Constructions"

October 27. Ricardo Maldonado (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México): "Metonymic syntactic transfers"