30 September — 16.30 TEAMS

Ioannis Sklavounos (+ Akos Moravanszky*) — Building Insights. Architectural Transformations between Crafts and the City

Sam Vanhee (+ Steven Stals**) — Modernism’s Legacy in Antwerp’s Interior Architecture Programme, 1945-1999

This is the second issue of the new PhD jam session series. Focussing rather on questions and their wide-ranging discussion instead of presenting results, PhD researchers pitch hypotheses and float ideas. Making use of the online setting, they invite one virtual guest of their choice from their field of question and extend the discussion to all participants. This way, they share what they are working on and actively make use of the broader knowledge of the HvdV research community. There will be two sessions each semester with two PhD researchers each session. No registration required. Moderation: Mario Rinke

* Akos Moravanszky, em. ETH Zurich, Architecture

** Steven Stals, em. UAntwerpen, Interior Architecture