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We are an interdisciplinary research group that is active in four areas: Building culture: history & theoryDesign studies and education, Social awareness and design, and Technology and circular design

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12 November 2021: Opening of the exhibition BWMSTR Label: Construct, ruimte voor verandering + panel discussions

In the exhibition BWMSTR Label: Construct, ruimte voor verandering, BULK architects examines how more attention to structure and construction can contribute to a resilient, robust city. The exhibition shows eleven different buildings in Flanders, Brussels and the Netherlands, in which the structure can support changes in content and use over time. Archival research and site visits lay the foundation for a matrix in which the 11 cases are given a place. During two panel discussions on 12 November, we let various actors from the construction industry ( among others Mario Rinke and Erik Wieërs) have their say. Architects and engineers as well as project developers and master builders will take the stage to reflect on the future of robust buildings. Questions that are central: How can the construction industry deal with the structure and infill of a building in design and in realization? How can different parties work together in the realization of robust buildings. How can new financing models and regulations catalyze the development of robust buildings?

Past Events

15 October 2021: KNOB Incentive Award

It is with great pleasure that the Royal Dutch Archaeological Society (KNOB) invites you to the celebratory presentation of the KNOB Incentive Award for new academic talent. On 15 October, the nominees will present their research. Prior to the announcement of the winner, Iwan Strauven, associate professor at the Faculté d'Architecture La Cambre Horta of the Université Libre de Bruxelles and also curator at BOZAR in Brussels, will present his book Victor Bourgeois: Modernity, Tradition and Neutrality. Entrance is free, registration via info@knob.nl is required. More information via the link.

30 September 2021: Floating Ideas 1+1

Second issue of the new PhD jam session series

26 august 2021: Book launch Te Pas / Onpas : Architecturale Nachtwandelingen 04.20 – 05.20

With Te Pas / Onpas : Architecturale Nachtwandelingen 04.20 – 05.20, architects Glenn Lyppens, Koen Pauwels and Olivier Roels present a personal account of an intensive nocturnal inspection tour of Antwerp's urban space. This during a unique period in its history: the lockdown between April and May 2020. Based on eight logbooks, as many walks are reconstructed with the help of an orienting map and a series of snapshots of spatial scenes that aroused interest at a certain moment - in the dead of night - and that could be captured with smartphones. Click here for registration


12–16 July 2021: This week, Mario Rinke and Jelle Angillis, joined by Inge Bertels and Lara Schrijver, will present their ongoing research at the Seventh International Congress on Construction History in Lisbon (online). You can register via the website.

3 July 2021: An afternoon of talks and encounters in and about the disturbed landscape

Join us on the 3rd of July for an afternoon dedicated to the artistic and architectural practices dealing with landscape as a site of domesticity and hospitality. This special day marks a turning point for the long-term research project Le Paysage Ménagé, initiated in 2019 by Ciel Grommen and Maximiliaan Royakkers on commission by CIAP and FLACC.

18 Juni 2021: Building a Key Analytical Framework for MCMH

On 18 June Els De Vos and Eva Storgaard will chair a session on the Optimistic Suburbia II conference in Lisbon.

10 June 2021: Seminar 'Fotografie & industrie: door/onderzocht'

In a first lunch webinar on Friday 10 June, researchers Inge Bertels and Jelle Angillis will discuss the opportunities and challenges of photographic collections for research on industrial heritage and building culture. Early 19th century construction site photography and the photo archive of the Van Laere building company (kept at the Flemish Architecture Institute) will be presented as cases.

2-5 June 2021: European Architectural History Network 2021 Edinburgh

Our PhD researcher Bart Decroos will be presenting at the EAHN2021 conference in the session 'Architects Do Not Make Buildings: A Last Call for Disegno'. His presentation, 'Solipsism and Communitas: Disegno in the Work of John Hejduk' will focus on the different drawing practices of John Hejduk by looking at the differences between his earlier and later work.

3 June 2021: Les chantiers photographiés dans la Belgique du vingtième siècle

On Thursday 3 June, Inge Bertels and Jelle Angillis will present at the Quatrième Congrès Francophone d'Histoire de la Construction, on post-war construction site photography in Belgium.

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