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We are an interdisciplinary research group that is active in four areas: Building culture: history & theoryDesign studies and education, Social awareness and design, and Technology and circular design

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Past Events

10-13 July 2022: Summer School on Circularity in the Built Environment

From 10 until 13 July 2022 Bob Geldermans will be a mentor at the Summer School on Circularity in the Built Environment TU Delft). Students from all levels of education (BSc, MSc) as well as PhD researchers are invited to participate in a 3-day intensive workshop.

14 June 2022: AT 7 PM, Eva Storgaard wil participate in the online conference AIC 2022 Sensing Colour (Toronto) with a talk: Polychromic Space: Architectural Agencies of Colour.

6-8 April 2022: Writing MCMH Workshop

From Wednesday 6 April to Friday 8 April, Els De Vos, Selin Geerinckx and Jelle Angillis will participate in the workshop Writing about Middle Class Mass Housing. More info and registration via the link.

1-3 April 2022: Ninth Annual Conference of the Construction History Society

From 1 to 3 April, the Ninth Annual Construction History Society Conference takes place in Cambridge. On 2 April Jelle Angillis will present his research on the use of oral history in construction history.

31 March 2022: Representing Craft/Crafting Representation online event

On 31 March 2022 Eva Storgaard will participate in the online Representing Craft/Crafting Representation talk (by Design History Society), with a presentation on Le Klint pleated lamp shades.

Photo Workshop 2022

On Friday 18 February, Sarah Melsens will participate in a two-day workshop on the position of photography in historical research. She will present her recent work on Construction Photography in Post-Independence Pune (India).

14-15 March 2022: "Lieux Et Enjeux"

On 15 and 16 March, Eva Storgaard and Els Devos will participate in the Seminar "Lieux Et Enjeux, Evolution Of Collective Spaces In Mass Housing". On 15 March, Els De Vos will participate in a round table discussion "Dialectic of collective spaces between Eastern and Western European countries". On 16 March, Eva Storgaard will give a lecture on "Psychological needs in large-scale dwelling developments".

14 January 2022: third interuniversity research seminar on Construction History in Belgium

On 14 January 2022 Jelle Angillis, Joke Van houwenis and Robbe Pacquée will present their ongoing research at the third interuniversity research seminar on Construction History in Belgium (University of Liège). The event will take place in a hybrid format. Registration required.

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