Master and Individual Project topics

This page provides future Master Project and Individual Project students an overview of subjects that are under study in the lab at the moment. The kind of envisaged research tasks for the students is very briefly explained. Of course, students can suggest other but related topics for their Projects.

The topics can be accessed through this link.


Prof. Han Asard (

  • Global change effects in plants: elevated CO2 protects against stress

  • Metabolic and epigenetic changes in Arabidopsis  subjected to heat-tolerance selection


Prof. Gerrit Beemster (

  • Genetic, biochemical and cellular analysis of maize mutants with short leaves

  • Functional analysis of auxin signaling in maize leaves  using mutants


Prof. Els Prinsen (

  • The biochemical background of UV-B acclimation


Prof. Kris Vissenberg (

  • Elongation of nutrient & water absorbing root hairs and fertilizing pollen tubes in Arabidopsis

  • The regulation of hypocotyl elongation in Arabidopsis

  • The regulation of Arabidopsis development by the endophytic fungi Serendipitaceae (collaboration with Prof. Verbruggen - PLECO)

  • Influence of metal pollution on Arabidopsis development (collaboration with Prof. Blust - SPHERE)