In order to get a full image of the progress and control of movements, kinematic data obtained from optometric and/or electromagnetic movement registration have to be combined with force measurements, electromyography and the registration of foot pressure, possibly also with high-speed detail kinematics.
M²OCEAN is a fully equipped state-of-the-art research center enabling competition with the best in the field. The fully integrated set-up consists of

  • An 8 camera infrared automated camera system, Vicon T10 cameras (100fps, 1 Megapix)
  • Vicon Nexus, Bodybuilder and Polygon software
  • 3 AMTI type OR 6-7 force plates (1000fps)
  • 1 Accugait force plate (1000 fps)
  • 16 channel telemetric wireless EMG system (Aurion Zerowire)
  • 0.5 m footscan ® 3D pressure pad
  • an instrumented treadmill (R-mill, Forcelink)