M4S is the acronym for Modelling For Sustainability and is pronounced as MForce which refers to power we believe modelling will have in the digital world we are about to enter and the necessity to leverage it to reduce discrimination of sustainability goals by economical driven forces. M4S is an applied research team of the faculty of applied Engineering in the domain of Electronics-ICT working closely together with application domains within or outside the faculty to leverage its modelling expertise to reach the sustainability goals and to study the sustainability impact of decisions within the constraints of the different fields including business models, safety, …. Our goal is to model the future to support decision making in different application domains ranging from real time control of autonomous systems towards high level policy making support to reach our sustainability goals within an economic reality and to monitor the impact decisions will have on our future. Our mission is to convince people of our believe that building a sustainable future is a multi-objective optimization problem that given the right weights to both sustainability goals and economic factors will result in a better more sustainable and livable world. We believe that our modelling and optimization expertise together with domains specific expertise can really make a difference. Or to put it differently: "We believe that this technology will support better decision making to ensure a future for us and our children!".