​Waters Acquity TQ. More information found on http://www.waters.com


​​Preparative LC-MS system (Waters) and a semi-preparative SFC-MS system (Waters).  More information found on http://www.waters.com​


​400 MHz NMR apparatus (Bruker).

Flash purification units​

​2 Isolera Systems (Biotage) for automated chromatographic purification. Equiped with automated 10-column system with uv detection, quaternary gradient former, advanced software control and targeted fraction collection. More information on http://www.biotage.com

Plate reader

​Biotek Synergy MX. More information on http://www.biotek.com

Gel electrophoresis

​Biorad Mini-protein tetra system

Molecular modeling equipment​

​A large number of molecular graphics systems are available for high-end visualisation of proteins and data. Advanced molecular modeling software such as MOE, PyMol, Chimera, AutoDock, RDKit, and Modeller.

Freeze dryer

​Freeze dryer Christ. More information found on http://www.martinchrist.de/en/products/laboratory/product/p/pr/s/alpha-1-2-ldplus/

Vacuum oven

The compact Vacuum Drying Oven Heraeus Vacutherm VT 6025

Melting point apparatus

Melting point apparatus, M-560 (Büchi)