In 2020, the Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) at the University of Amsterdam organised the annual Dutch-Flemish Communication Studies conference (Etmaal) in Amsterdam, NL (February 6-7, 2020). The following studies of MIOS researchers were presented at the conference:

(Mis)informing about food? A qualitative comparative study about the consumption of popular food media messages and endorsers, controlling for age, gender and SES

by Isabelle Cuykx, Lauranna Teunissen, Charlotte De Backer, Sara Pabian, Karolien Poels, Tim Smits, Heidi Vandebosch, Heidi Van den Bulck

Finding messages that encourage regular physical activity by taking into account the dynamic factor fatigue

by Michelle Symons, Karolien Poels, Heidi Vandebosch

Mass-mediated messages about food and eating excluding traditional advertising and health campaigns

by Lauranna Teunissen, Isabelle Cuykx, Paulien De Corte, Charlotte De Backer

A positive perspective: integrating humour and human interest for combined hedonic and eudaimonic viewing experiences

by Anouk De Ridder, Alexander Dhoest, Heidi Vandebosch

Let's talk about victimization, baby: Gaining a better understanding of social support seeking among cybercrime victims

by Lies De Kimpe, Koen Ponnet, Michel Walrave, Thom Snaphaan, Lieven Pauwels, Wim Hardyns

Online Celebrity Bashing: purely relacation or stressful confrontation? An experimental study on the effects of exposure to online celebrity bashing on the emotional responses and pychological arousal among adolescent bystanders

by Gaëlle Ouvrein, Heidi Vandebosch, Charlotte De Backer

Does 'social eating' equal 'unhealthy eating' in Belgian television food advertising: a quantitative content analysis

by Katrien Maldoy, Karolien Poels, Charlotte De Backer

"In service of the reader": how journalists perceive the journalism ecosystem

by Dorien Luyckx, Karolien Poels, Steve Paulussen, Tim Smits

"Next level please!" Studying elevating game experiences among adolescents

by Rowan Daneels, Michel Walrave, Heidi Vandebosch

An investigation of the role of parasocial interaction in understanding purchase intentions of followers of Instagram influencers

by Sara Pabian, Lieze Jacobs, Charlotte De Backer

The relationship between adolescents' sharing, reading, and responding to online personal narratives on social support websites and their coping self-efficacy

by Sofie Mariën, Heidi Vandebosch, Sara Pabian, Karolien Poels

Diary Study: an inside look at the food messages in adolescents' social media 

by Yara Qutteina, Lotte Hallez, Nine Mennes, Charlotte De Backer, Tim Smits

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