Publications in the spotlight

Next-generation protein analysis in the pathology department
Ahmed Melek   Broeckx Glenn   Baggerman Geert   Schildermans Karin   Pauwels Patrick   Van Craenenbroeck Amaryllis   Dendooven Amélie  
Journal of clinical pathology - ISSN 0021-9746-73:1 (2020) p. 1-6
Memory $CD4^{+}$ T cell receptor repertoire data mining as a tool for identifying cytomegalovirus serostatus
De Neuter Nicolas   Bartholomeus Esther   Elias George   Keersmaekers Nina   Suls Arvid   Jansens Hilde   Smits Evelien   Hens Niel   Beutels Philippe   van Damme Pierre   Mortier Geert   Van Tendeloo Vigor   Laukens Kris   Meysman Pieter   Ogunjimi Benson  
Genes and immunity - ISSN 1466-4879-20:3 (2019) p. 255-260
$^{18}F$-HX4 hypoxia PET holds promise as a prognostic and predictive imaging biomarker in a lung cancer xenograft model treated with metformin and radiotherapy
De Bruycker Sven   Vangestel Christel   van den Wyngaert Tim   Pauwels Patrick   Wyffels Leonie   Staelens Steven   Stroobants Sigrid  
The Journal of nuclear medicine - ISSN 0161-5505-60:1 (2019) p. 34-40
Estimation of and correction for finite motion sampling errors in small animal PET rigid motion correction
Miranda Menchaca Alan   Staelens Steven   Stroobants Sigrid   Verhaeghe Jeroen  
Medical and biological engineering and computing - ISSN 0140-0118-57:2 (2019) p. 505-518
The effect of training interventions on physical performance, quality of life, and fatigue in patients receiving breast cancer treatment : a systematic review
Gebruers Nick   Camberlin Melissa   Theunissen Fleur   Tjalma Wiebren   Verbelen Hanne   Van Soom Timia   van Breda Eric  
Supportive care in cancer - ISSN 0941-4355-27:1 (2019) p. 109-122

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