The MOdeling of Systems And Internet Communication (MOSAIC) research group is led by Prof. Chris Blondia and is part of both the department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the department of Applied Engineering: Electronics-ICT at the University of Antwerp. We perform basic, applied and contract research in the general area of distributed systems and communication networks. More specifically, our current research mainly focuses on Internet of Things (IoT), low-power wireless communications & networking, and embedded distributed systems. Our research is structured in 5 different tracks:

  • Embedded distributed systems: The MOSAIC distributed systems team specializes in distributed software for heterogeneous systems, combining entities ranging from low-level embedded devices to high-level cloud resources, focusing on scheduling, resource management and distributed software paradigms. [Lead: Peter Hellinckx]
  • Management and control of IoT networks: We design novel network control (e.g., MAC scheduling, routing) and management (e.g., fault detection, security, resource allocation, QoS management) algorithms and protocols, focusing on highly dynamic, heterogeneous and constrained wireless network environments. [Leads: Steven Latré and Jeroen Famaey]
  • Low-power communications: In this research line we focus on ultra-low power communication, low power embedded systems, and RF localization. Specifically, we investigate low power physical and MAC layer protocols of, as well as localisation using Sub-1Ghz transmission technologies. [Lead: Maarten Weyn]
  • Stochastic models for the evaluation of complex systems: New stochastic modeling techniques are developed and applied to evaluate the performance of complex communication and computer systems. [Lead: Benny Van Houdt]
  • Modeling and simulation of complex systems: In this research line we study physical systems (e.g. from physics or biology) and systems of complex resource allocation (cluster, clouds) using numeric-intensive, high-performance simulations. These simulations make use of parallel and distributed computing techniques. [Lead: Jan Broeckhove]

For a more detailed description of the MOSAIC research tracks, please visit our research page.

MOSAIC is a member of the Internet Technologies department of the Flemish research institute iMinds. iMinds is an independent research institute, founded in 2004 by the Flemish government to stimulate innovation in the field of ICT. As information technology has become an integral part of our daily lives – examples include applications in health, media and energy sectors, iMinds supports strategic and applied research in ICT. iMinds brings new technologies, societal challenges and questions from the business world together in interdisciplinary research projects. In addition to companies, research partners, governments and other non-profit organizations, the research institute also relies on more than 1,000 top researchers at Flemish universities. Theses projects deal with both technical and non-technical aspects. Furthermore, iMinds guides starting entrepreneurs and companies in the realization of innovative, ICT-related ideas. With a commitment to excellence in science and business, iMinds aims to make a lasting and positive impact on society and economy.





Modeling of Systems and Internet Communication
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