Lieselotte Jaspers: Formulation, process and bioavailability research of natural products, more specifically polyphenolic components or other health-improving secondary metabolites.

Godfrey Sambayi: Ethnopharmacological survey, phytochemical investigation and biological activity of Tanzanian medicinal plants used in the management of sickle cell disease (SCD) and infectious diseases triggering SCD crises

Sofie De Deken: Bioavailability and metabolism of nutrients and medicinal plant products, applied to epicatechin and harpagoside. 

Arthur Steegmans: Particle engineering of spray dried probiotics for pulmonary administration.

Maxim Van Herreweghe: The Role of Host Oxidative Stress Responses in the pathophysiology, severity and long-term functional outcomes of West Nile and Dengue Virus infections and their neurological complications in human hosts.

Yunita Puspitasari: Phytochemical and antidiabetic investigations on marine natural products from Indonesia.

Anne-Sophie Weyns: Efficacy of a polyphenol-rich herbal extract in the treatment of ADHD and against mechanisms contributing to arterial stiffness.

Stef Lauwers: Protective effects of nutritional polyphenols and their metabolites towards mechanisms contributing to arterial stiffness. 

Pathy Kibungu Kembelo: Ethnobotanical study and characterization of medicinal plants used in Kisantu and Mbanza-Ngungu territories, Kongo-Central Province in DR Congo.