There was a first national meeting on 21 May 2019 at 10:30 at the University of Antwerp.

Program Kick-Off Meeting

Kick-Off Meeting Next Generation Animal Tracking – deciphering the ecological code

1. Introduction of the LBB consortium (UAntwerpen/UGent/INBO)

UAntwerpen/UGent (Müller/Baert/Lens) Tracked around the clock (20 min)

  • Brief overview of our research on lesser black-backed gulls
  • Past and perspectives
  • Main challenges

UAntwerpen/UGent (Müller/Baert/Lens) Why starting a WOG? The ideas behind it (10 min)

  • Best practices to extract ecological information given our data structure – an interdisciplinary approach?
  • How to combine various data streams?
  • The ecological perspectives – from individual decisions to population level consequences

Time for questions (10 min)

2. Short introductory presentation by all national partner institutes (10 minutes each)

UGent (Van de Weghe)/INBO (Desmedt)/VLIZ (Reubens)/UHasselt (Neyens)/UAntwerpen (Matthysen)


3. Open discussion (30-60 min) UAntwerpen/UGent (Müller/Baert/Lens)

  • Can we identify the most important themes and areas of common interest
  • Where are our strengths, what can we learn from each other and how to join forces?
  • Setting the stage for a successful WOG

Inaugural Speech (pdf)