SoLid Experiment

For the first time neutrino oscillations will be measured at very short distances from their source. The unique results to be obtained at a nuclear reactor in Belgium are useful in for example the search of dark matter.

The research with the SoLid experiment targets potential Short baseline neutrino Oscillations with a novel Lithium-6 composite scintillator (SoLid). The highly segmented plastic scintillation detector coated with Lithium-6 is designed to provide a measurement of the rate of electron antineutrinos at very short baseline distances between 5 and 11 metres from the BR2 research reactor core in SCK-CEN at Mol (Belgium). This measurement will provide confirmation or exclusion of the so-called reactor anomaly present in the ratio of the observed to predicted number of electron antineutrino events at short baseline distances.

A first submodule of the SoLid detector is already constructed and installed at the BR2 reactor. In Antwerp we are contributing to the data analysis and the construction and commissioning of the next phase of the SoLid detector. The SoLid experiment is designed to deliver results that are competitive with presently existing experiments and may potentially lead to the discovery of a sterile neutrino.

Official SoLid website:

PPG members involved in the SoLid Experiment:

Prof. dr. Nick van Remortel
Dr. Yamiel Abreu
Dr. Ibrahin Piñera
Ir. Wim Beaumont
Simon Vercaemer
Maja Verstraeten