PreMeT (Precision Medicine Technology) aims to enable precision medicine through an integrated approach of genomics and big data analysis.

Precision medicine is an approach to tailor healthcare individually, on the basis of the genes, lifestyle and environment of an individual. It is based on technologies that allow clinicians to predict more accurately which treatment and prevention strategies for a given disease will work in which group of affected individuals. Key drivers for precision medicine are advances in technology, such as the next generation sequencing technology in genomics, the increasing availability of health data and the growth of data sciences and artificial intelligence.

In these domains, multiple strong research teams of the UAntwerpen joined forces to translate their research and offer a technology platform for precision medicine towards industry, hospitals, research institutes and society. The major application fields of the consortium are human genetics, infectious diseases and oncology. The highly complementary expertise and infrastructure makes PreMeT an excellent partner for public-private collaborations and offers strategic advantages for expanding its IP portfolio.