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The Journal of Beckett Studies has been the journal of record for the established and expanding field of Beckett studies for over forty years. It has always been blind peer-reviewed and is recognised internationally as a scholarly journal of high standard. The editorial board welcomes articles that clearly state their innovative contribution to the field and deal with Beckett¹s work or his relationship to other authors.

Vol. 17, numbers 1 & 2 (which appeared in April 2009), marked the beginning of a new partnership between The Journal of Beckett Studies and Edinburgh University Press. JOBS was founded by Beckett’s biographer James Knowlson and well-known Beckett critic John Pilling in 1976. The first series was published by John Calder Publishers as a commercial venture. Two issues per year were published until the journal went into abeyance in 1984. S. E. Gontarski, a prominent critic who also knew and worked with Beckett, founded the second series in 1992 and remained sole editor from then until 2008. The second series also published two issues per year, sometimes in the form of double issues.

Late in 2007 a new team of editors, Anthony Uhlmann (University of Western Sydney), S. E. Gontarski (Florida State University), C. J. Ackerley (University of Otago), Dirk Van Hulle (University of Antwerp) and Mark Nixon (University of Reading) came together with a view to renewing the journal, consolidating and further building its profile, and moving it into the age of print/electronic publishing. Now, since 2013, Mark Nixon (University of Reading) and Dirk Van Hulle (University of Antwerp) have been acting as chief editors, working with an editorial team of Daniela Caselli (University of Manchester), Stan Gontarski (Florida State University), Anthony Uhlmann (University of Western Sydney), Shane Weller (University of Kent) and Pim Verhulst (University of Antwerp), together with the review editors Trish McTighe (Birmingham University) and Ulrika Maude (University of Bristol). 

After moving from Florida State University to the University of Western Sydney, the editorial office of the journal is now shared between the Universities of Reading (UK) and Antwerp (Belgium). The central commitment of the new group is to producing two high quality issues each year from 2009. These will appear through Edinburgh UP, in both print and electronic form in April (special issue, guest-edited) and September (open submissions). JOBS is also listed in the Thomson Reuters Arts & Humanities Citation Index.

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