VAXVOX - Science Talks is a credible reference network of spokespersons on science-related vaccine issues and thus unites vaccination advocates worldwide

VAXVOX is an outcome of the 5th International One Health Congress, organized in June 2018 in Canada by the One Health Platform, an independent not-for-profit organization. It answers the request of the One Health community to urgently raise a solid, united voice in the debate about vaccination.

“Scientists have the moral obligation to “talk back”. Sharing and explaining scientific insights are of critical importance.”

Objectives in a nutshell

  • Be a credible reference network on science-related vaccine issues.
  • Communicate pro-actively and serve as a point of contact for the outside world on issues related to vaccination.
  • Unite vaccination advocates worldwide by building a network of spokespersons of existing initiatives (groups, organizations) working on the scientific aspects of vaccination.
  • Strengthen ties with and between vaccination advocates worldwide.