X-ray Imaging Research Centre

X-ray Imaging research requires advanced and expensive infrastructure.

 The Vision Lab's X-ray Imaging Research Centre is proud on its state of the art equipment and facilities. The unique combination of our infrastructure and the expertise of our staff and research group is also accessible to third parties (industrial companies, other research groups and institutions,...).

 In case you are interested in Visionlab's accessible equipment and/or additional services (scanning, reconstruction of the data, data analysis, quality control, defect detection), please explore the 'Service'  and 'Equipment' section.

 Vision Lab's ASTRA research group also developed the ASTRA Tomography Toolbox (All Scale Tomographic Reconstruction Antwerp). This Toolbox bundles a number of algorithms and is not application-specific, reflecting the goal of the group to study the underlying mathematical techniques behind tomographic reconstruction. Most of the publications of the ASTRA group make use of this toolbox.